Not As Advertised, pt.1

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

lol this is why i avoided sleepovers

Gwen, “Miss Meryll, I appreciate this invite to your slumber party, but–“

Meryll, “Aw… you’re not having fun? I’m sorry…”

Gwen, “Oh, no!! It’s not that, it’s just…”

Gwen, “…I’m, ah… Not… entirely comfortable with the dress code.”
Meryll, “Oh? Shirt and panties is pretty standard attire for sleepovers.”

Meryll, “Wynnie! Stop moping over there. You’re bringing everybody down!”

Gwen, “I haven’t seen you since we got here… where have you been, Miss Brodwyn?”

Brodwyn, “It’s cloudy.

Gwen, “…Oh… ah…”
Meryll, “So Gwen! What do you want to do for your first sleepover?”

Gwen, “Ah… What does one usually do at sleepovers?”
Meryll, “Erm, I’unno. Usually it’s just me and Wynnie sitting around in our shirts and panties.”

Meryll, “Let’s see… we could play Truth or Dare?”

Gwen, “Oh, what is that?”
Meryll, “It’s easy! You just take turns doing dares or telling secrets!”

Gwen, “Oh… I suppose we could play that…”

Meryll, “You first! Truth or dare?”
Gwen, “I… I suppose truth?”

Meryll, “No! You have to pick dare! It keeps the game interesting!”

Gwen, “Oh! I’m sorry, dare then!”
Meryll, “Yay!”

Meryll, “Hmmm………… I could have you act like a chikkin… or…”
Gwen, “Oh!”

Meryll, “No, something more embarassing… maybe trying to streak through the yard…”

Gwen, “This sounds frightening… can I change back to truth??”

Meryll, “Ah!! I’ve got it!!”

Gwen, “EEP!”
Meryll, “You have to kiss Alice!! On the mouth!!”

Gwen, “I-I can’t do that! That would be so embarassing!”
Meryll, “That’s the point!”

Meryll, “You have to do it! Otherwise you get struck by lightning.”

Gwen, “Oh, that’s dreadful!! What a terrible game…”

Gwen, “May I at least change my clothes first?”
Meryll, “What! No! Nobody will care anyways!”

Gwen, [sigh…..]

Gwen, “Very well, then… I will return shortly.”

Meryll, “Good luck!!!!!!!”

Meryll, “…You don’t think she believed the bit about the lightning, do you?”

Brodwyn, “Yes.

Meryll, “Oops… Uh, do you know what Alister is doing?”

Brodwyn, “Watching movies with Vult and Gabe.

Meryll, “…………………………..Pewp.”

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