It’s Almost Easy

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

i had to restrict the posing on this a lot for a challenge in ps_delicious and the dialogue was a pain in the butt cuz i just felt like crap yesterday =____= the ending is a bit too abrupt, but i didn’t really have any good ideas and had to keep the pic length short anyways.

Meryll, “I mean why would they give books as free toys in cereal boxes?”
Alister, “Yeah, I guess.”

Meryll, “What’s up with you?”

Alister, “Um… just some stuff on my mind.”
Meryll, “Like what?”

Alister, “Well… like Gwen kind of ignoring me…”

Meryll, “Bah! I wouldn’t worry about it.”
Alister, “R-really? Why?”

Meryll, “I dunno. Gwen’s kind of weird. Maybe she just didn’t see you?”

Alister, “Um… I’m pretty sure she knew I was there. Maybe I upset her?”

Brodwyn, “Meryll?
Meryll, “Wynnie! Hey!”

Brodwyn, “Are you feeling better?
Meryll, “Yeah, I’m fine!”

Brodwyn, “…Hello.
Alister, “Wh– Err, Hi, Brodwyn.”

Meryll, “Come sit up here, Wynnie!”
Brodwyn, “Ok.

Meryll, “We’re trying to figure out if Gwen blew Alice off, any ideas?”
Brodwyn, “Hm.

Brodwyn, “Write her a letter.
Alister, “Really? Do you think she would read it?”

Meryll, “Of course she would! And if she really is mad at you, you can apologize!”

Alister, “I… Yeah… I can do that…”

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