Morphing Mecha Magical Girl Berserker

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

i just want to say up front that i LOVE sparrow in this story lol also the interaction between her and alister was fun to do.

warning(?): gratuitous cleavage lol

Sparrow, “Hmm…?”

Sparrow, “Oh, wait! I know that sound!”

Meryll, “Ok, what do you do next?”
Alister, “Hmm…….”

Sparrow, “Hey, Geek Squad!”
Meryll, “Oh hey!”

Meryll, “We’re playing BESM, wanna play with us?”
Alister, “Uh, she’s not really into that…”

Sparrow, “I would LOVE to play!”

Meryll, “Really? Have a seat!”

Sparrow, “I think I’ll sit next to Allie!”
Alister, “What are you wearing?? You realize it’s October, right?”

Sparrow, “So what is this BESM stuff? Sounds dirty.”
Alister, “It’s Big Eyes Small Mouth… Like anime-style Dungeons & Dragons.”

Meryll, “We have a spare Magical Girl character you can play!”

Sparrow, “Magical Girl??”
Alister, “It’s like a wizard but… anime-style… um… like Sailor Moon?”

Alister, “Brodwyn is playing one, too.”

Sparrow, “Ok… and what’s with the frog?”
Alister, “Oh…………”

Meryll, “He’s in charge!”
Sparrow, “…Right.”

Sparrow, “Don’t I need some dice or something?”

Meryll, “Oh, um…”
Alister, “You can use mine, I’ll get some different ones.”

Sparrow, “Thanks, Beb! So this all sounds easy enough.”

Alister, “You’d be surprised. Actually, Teddy had a hard time learning it.”
Sparrow, “I think I’ll be fine.”

Meryll, “Hurry up, Alice!!”

Alister, “Ok, ok…”
Meryll, “We’re starting without you. Describe your character, Sparrow.”

Sparrow, “Let’s see… her name is Tiffany…? And she has… ‘great boobs and a hawt…’ What?!”

Meryll, “Oh. Um… San made the character.”

Sparrow, “San plays this?!”
Meryll, “Not really. He just likes making characters.”

Sparrow, “Hey! Why do you get bigger dice than me??”
Alister, “Because there are only big ones left.”

Sparrow, “Well maybe I don’t want small ones?!”
Alister, “You get small ones anyway!”

Meryll, “Can we PLEASE start?!”
Brodwyn, “Yes please.

[some time later….]

Sparrow, “I pull a huge hammer out of nowhere and hit him!”
Alister, “What?! You can’t do that!!!!!”

Sparrow, “It says on my paper that I can.”

Frog, “SHE’S RIGHT!”
Alister, “No she’s not!!”

Alister, “You can’t attack me! I’m your party member!!!!”
Sparrow, “What makes you so special!?”



Sparrow, “Oh now look what you did, Allie.”
Alister, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to!”

Brodwyn, “How much health do you have left.
Alister, “Oh no!”

here is where you picture brodwyn in a magical girl dress, charging an energy beam larger than her head.

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