Not As Advertised, pt.2

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

keishi-chan made a hat for alister πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ it’s horribly cute!!!

gabe’s face-up in this story is the 2nd one he had (he’s undergoing his fourth at the moment, blargh) since this was shot on saturday. his face-up will change a lot throughout the next few stories haha

Gabe, “Ugh, this movie is ridiculous.”
Alister, “I-it’s not TOO bad…”

Vult, “You’re the one that picked it out!”

Gabe, “Yeah, well, you didn’t tell me I’d be staring at a giant blue penis.”
Vult, “What?? It’s just a penis, who cares–“

Gabe, “Maybe if you’re into that sort of thing…”
Vult, “What?! Jackass!”

Gabe, “Hahahahaha… put in something else.”
Vult, “What do you want to watch, then?”

Gabe, “I don’t know… something else, I don’t care what.”

Vult, “Damnit, I’m not a psychic! What do you want to watch??”
Alister, “Can we just watch this one?”

Gwen, “Erm… Excuse me…”

Gabe, “Oh, Gwendolyn! Hey! How’s the slumber party?”
Gwen, “It’s… very fun. I’m glad she invited me…”

Vult, “If Mer hasn’t scared you off, then what’s up?”

Gwen, “Oh, ah… I… I need to speak with Mister Alister for a moment.”

Vult, “Oh…?”
Alister, “W-what?”

Gwen, “If you, ah… wouldn’t mind please meeting me in the hallway?”

Gabe, “…He’d love to.”
Alister, [gulp!]

Alister, “Umm…”

Alister, “M-Miss Gwen? Where are you?”

Alister, “Oh! Why are you hiding?”

Gwen, [deep breath]

Alister, “Ah! What are you wearing?!”

Alister, “M-Miss Gwen?!”

Alister, “Wha–“

Alister, “…Gwen……

Gwen, “I’m sorry!!!!!!”
Alister, “I…”

Alister, “. . .”

Gabe, “Oh, that didn’t take very long.”

Vult, “Uh… is everything alright?”
Gabe, “Alister…?”

Vult, “Hey, what happened??”

Alister, “She, uh…. She kissed me.”

Vult, “What?!”
Gabe, “MERYLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Vult, “Whoa, Gabe, hold on a sec!”

Vult, “. . .”

Vult, “Er… so how was it?”

Alister, “…She was in her underwear.

Vult, “GABE!!!! WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

on DoA without the extra

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