Hold Me While I’m Here

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

another different face-up for gabe in this one… this is the one i liked that got ruined :< but his new one is alright, so oh wells.

Gabe, “I can’t believe you dared Gwen to do that.”
Meryll, “How was I supposed to know she would??”

Gabe, “Kitten… you’re going to give me grey hairs.”

Meryll, “Psh, don’t get all emo on me.”
Gabe, “Haha!”

Gabe, “So… what are we listening to…?”

Meryll, “The Ting Tings!”
Gabe, “Ah. It’s very……. bouncy.”

Meryll, “You don’t like it? I can change it.”
Gabe, “Meh, I don’t mind it.”

Gabe, “It’s……”

Gabe, “Mmm.”

Gabe, “Oops, uh-oh!”
Meryll, “Huh? What happened?”

Gabe, “My bracelet fell off. I think it rolled under the bed.”
Meryll, “Onoez!”

Meryll, “I’ll get it! Stay put!”
Gabe, “You sure? I can get it just fine.”

Meryll, “You uh… Probably don’t want to go digging around under there.”
Gabe, “Haha, fine.”

Meryll, “Hmm…………”

Meryll, “I don’t see anything…”
Gabe, “You sure? I’m… uh, pretty sure it went under there.”

Meryll, “I’ll dig a little deeper.”
Gabe, “Take your time…”

Meryll, “Are you SURE it’s under here…???”
Gabe, “Hmm…..”

Gabe, “Oh, silly me. It was in the blankets.”
Meryll, “Oh!”

Meryll, “Hey, I want to see how long I can stand on my head!”
Gabe, “Huh??”

Meryll, “You have to time me, ok? Are you counting?”

Gabe, “Hahaha, ok, sure.”

Gabe, “Y’know, it’s strange to think…”

Gabe, “Just a year ago I was so nervous just to kiss you.”
Meryll, “Hehe!”

Meryll, “Yeah, that was silly!”
Gabe, “And now, the only thing that makes me nervous is wanting to spend my life with you.”

Meryll, “Huh? What are you–“

Meryll, “AUGH!!”

Meryll, “Ooooowwwwwwww my butt…”

Meryll, “How long was that?”
Gabe, “Oh, err… I forgot to count.”

Meryll, “What!!!”
Gabe, “Aw, sorry!”

Meryll, “Ok, so what were you saying?”
Gabe, “Oh, nothing. Just thinking out loud.”

Meryll, “You sure?”
Gabe, “Yeah.”

Meryll, “Your hoodie smells yummy. Can I keep it for a while?”

Gabe, “Aw, of course.”

Gabe, “I love you so much.”
Meryll, “Hehe!”

Meryll, “Love you too!”

Meryll, “Hey, I was thinking…”

Gabe, “Kisses, then thinking.”
Meryll, “Hehe, ok.”

Meryll, “Ok, so I was thinking… I’m going to miss you soooo much while you’re visiting Scotland.”
Gabe, “Aw, I’ll come visit. And you’ll visit me too, right?”

Meryll, “Nnnnnnnngh…..”

Gabe, “Kitten, it’s ten months! And Scotland! How come you don’t want to?”
Meryll, “Blargh, I hate planes!!!!”

Gabe, “You can’t even make an exception to come see me?”
Meryll, “Blehhhhhhh… I’ll still see you when you come back to visit.”

Gabe, “Yeah, but not as much… and I want you to see Scotland with me.”

Gabe, “You have to promise me you’ll come at least once.”

Meryll, “Blargh.”
Gabe, “Meryll!”

Gabe, “Pleeeease…?”

Gabe, “…Pretty pleeeeease….?”

Meryll, “Hmph. Fine.”
Gabe, “Good!”

Gabe, “…Psst, I love you.”
Meryll, “Hmph.”

Gabe, “Mer…. don’t be like that.”

Meryll, “Aw, fine.”
Gabe, “Hehe, silly girl.”

Meryll, “I will miss you though.”
Gabe, “I know, I’ll miss you too.”

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