NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

my photobucket died x_x the bandwidth is exceeded and won’t reset until the 28th… so i made a new account and uploaded yesterday and today’s photostories, but older stories won’t be available until my old account’s bandwidth resets next friday.

Alister, “Come on, you can do this, don’t chicken out!!”

Alister, “Uh… Gabe?”
Gabe, “Oh hey!”

Alister, “Can I talk to you for a sec?”
Gabe, “If this is about Gwen, I talked to Meryll and–”

Alister, “Oh, uh, err… No… This is not really about THAT…”

Gabe, “What? I’m not really following…”

Alister, “Well, I um… I… I like you a lot, and…”

Alister, “And I just–”
Gabe, “…What?”


Alister, “No, please!! I have to say this!!”

Gabe, “Alister, I– I think this conversation needs to–”

Gabe, “AH!”
Alister, “Please!!! Listen to me!!”

Gabe, “ENOUGH!”
Alister, “Eep!”

Alister, “Please, I just–”
Gabe, “Look, Alister, I’m sure you’re a REALLY nice guy and all…”

Gabe, “But, I’m sorry, I’m…… uh, I’m just not into guys like that.”
Alister, “W-what??”

Alister, “OH. OH NO!!! NO! IT’S NOT LIKE THAT!!”
Gabe, “Er, it’s not?”

Alister, “You… you thought I…….”
Gabe, “Heh……… oh boy.”

Alister, “I… just… I want to be cool like you.”

Gabe, “Huh?!”

Alister, “You’re always so cool! And strong!”
Gabe, “Um, I guess…”

Alister, “And I’m just a wimp. Scared of my own shadow.”
Gabe, “Oh…….”

Gabe, “Alister, don’t bring yourself down like that.”
Alister, “But it’s true!”

Gabe, “I can’t teach you to be like me, you have to be yourself!”

Alister, “…Oh……….”

Gabe, “Cheer up! You’re already off to the right start!”
Alister, “…I am?”

Gabe, “Oh yeah! I think Gwen really likes you!”
Alister, “What?! No…”

Gabe, “Oh come on, she kissed you!”
Alister, “Oh……. but…”

Gabe, “Anyway, I have to go. I owe Vult twenty bucks.”
Alister, “N-no! Don’t go, please!”

Gabe, “You’ll be fine, trust me!”
Alister, “Ok.”

Alister, “Why do you owe him twenty bucks???”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

lol when i took this pic i was like “hehe it looks like he’s giving him the VULCAN NECK PINCH!!!!!!” and sarah was like “nerve pinch” and i was like “WHATEVUHS I’M NOT A TREKKIE I’M HAPPY TO GET THAT WRONG” lol but i still took a funny extra pic

on DoA without the extra

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