Disturbing the Peace

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

man… an entire week until my old photobucket account works again :/ an entire week not using mood icons because i’m too stubborn to upload them to the new account! lol x_x

now that sarah is posting her share of the stories again (now that i’m not holding her dolls hostage, hurr hurr) make sure to keep an eye on twitter to make sure you don’t miss any of her stories as well :3

[quiet video game music]

Meryll, “AUGH!!”

Meryll, “Why is it SOOOO cold today!!”

Vult, “You’re the only one complaining.”
Meryll, “No I’m not!”

Alister, “Actually…. It is pretty cold…”
Meryll, “See!”

Meryll, “Ooh, you have a blanket! Let me in, I’m freezing!”
Vult, “Leave him alone, Mer.”

Meryll, “Hm? What are you doing?”
Vult, “Playing Mario Kart online against Ayris.”

Meryll, “OOOOOH!! I want to play!”
Vult, “No.”

Meryll, “What! Two people can play! Let me–“
Vult, “No, I’m playing.”

Meryll, “Nnnnnngh, you’re no fun sometimes.”
Vult, “Go hang out with Gabe.”

Meryll, “They left this morning, you didn’t know?”

Alister, “Th-they did?”
Meryll, “Yeah they went home to pack for their Scotland trip.”

Alister, “Oh… I see…”

Meryll, “They’ll be back in a week to say goodbye before they leave again.”

Meryll, “Oh! That reminds me!”
Alister, “Huh?!”

Meryll, “I’m taking pictures for them to look at while they’re gone!”

Meryll, “Vult, can I–“
Vult, “Not right now.”

Meryll, “You sure are grumpy today. Are you losing?”
Vult, “Shove it.”

Meryll, “Alice–?”
Alister, “No! Please no!”

Meryll, “What the beans, you guys are boring!”

Meryll, “Hmm… If you let me under your blanket, I won’t take a picture of you!”
Alister, “Awwwwwwww………………”

Meryll, “Heeeee, toasties!”

Meryll, “Scoot over!!”

Alister, “AH!! C-c-c–“
Meryll, “WOW! It’s like a bajillion degrees under here!”

Alister, “YOU’RE A POPSICLE!!!!!”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

on DoA without the extra

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