What Girls’ Dreams Are Made Of

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

Alister, [sigh……]

Alister, “AH!”
Meryll, “Whatcha doooin’?”

Alister, “I, uh, was just… listening to the rain…”
Meryll, “Oh.”

Meryll, “That’s… horribly cliché of you.”

Meryll, “Let’s do something fun!”
Alister, “Uh… like what…?”

Meryll, “You need to learn how to get Gwen to fall in love with you!”

Alister, “Uh, I was thinking, and… uh… I don’t…”
Meryll, “What?! No!! You have to!!”

Meryll, “Pleasepleasepleaseplease!!!”

Alister, “B-but…”

Alister, [groan….]
Meryll, “Hoorayz!”

Meryll, “Ok, get up!”
Alister, “W-what? Why?”

Meryll, “To practice, duh! First, girls totally like guys who are confident!”
Alister, “Um…”

Meryll, “Push me against the wall.”
Alister, “W-what?! No!”

Meryll, “You have to! You need to learn! It’s important!”
Alister, “No, I can’t do that!”

Meryll, “Grrr come on!”
Alister, “AH! NO! PLEASE!”

Alister, “Uh… M-M-Meryll…”

Meryll, “Like this, ok? Alister! You have to look at her!”
Alister, “I… I…”

Alister, “I’m sorry! I can’t!”
Meryll, “What’s wrong???”

Alister, “I just can’t, please!!”
Meryll, “…………”

Meryll, “…Alister? It’s ok.”

Meryll, “You don’t have to be ashamed of who you are.”

Alister, “W-w….what??”

Gabe, “Hey, you two!”
Meryll, “Gabe!!!”

Gabe, “Erm… Alister? Everything alright? You look like you’re gonna cry.”
Alister, “I… I’m fine…”

Meryll, “How’s your face? Need me to kiss it better again?”
Gabe, “Heh, not right now, Kitten.”

Alister, “Sorry again… for elbowing you…”

Gabe, “Don’t be, it would take a lot more than that to make me angry.”

Gabe, “Listen, Kitten. I lost a bet with Vult so Shael has me running errands all day today.”
Meryll, “Whaaaaaaat???”

Gabe, “Aww, don’t sulk… We can spend time together tonight, ok?”
Meryll, “yeahiguessssss…”

Gabe, “Cheer up. Can you entertain Gwen and Jael while I’m busy?”
Meryll, “Blargh.”

Gabe, “Awww, stop. Give me a kiss.”

Meryll, “MWAH!”
Gabe, “Hey! I wasn’t ready!”

Meryll, “Hehehehe!!”
Gabe, “No fair, for real this time!”

Gabe, “Ok I’ll see you guys later. Stay out of trouble!”
Meryll, “Yes, sir!”

[door shuts]
Alister, “Phew…”

Alister, “BWAH!”
Meryll, “Back to work!!”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

lol, some day meryll will realize not everybody’s brain works on the same frequency as hers.

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