I’ll Ride the Wave Where It Takes Me

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

a couple of people have been asking how san and sparrow are doing. originally i planned on going more into them first, but then i wound up having gabe/etc. visit earlier than i expected, so i had to launch into that instead.

first photostory with the new camera! @_@ took forever to shoot and took like almost twice as many pics lol >.< i’m not used to using manual focus, and the custom white balance is a lot more difficult to do than on my old camera.

Sparrow, “I’m just gonna put some of this junk in a box to make room for my stuff, ok?”
San, “Whatever.”

Sparrow, “Is that all you can say? ‘Whatever’?”

San, “Yeah. Whatever.”

Sparrow, “You’re just gonna let me do whatever I want?”
San, “Sure. You’ll be gone soon, so it doesn’t matter.”

Sparrow, “Ha! Sure!”

San, “I know chicks like you. Once you get bored, you’ll move on to something else.”

Sparrow, “You’re so sure about that?
San, “Yeah.”

Sparrow, “I don’t know about these ‘other chicks’ but I’m not buying this tough guy act.”

San, “Look, I dunno what they told you, or WHO told you, but I’m not who you think I am.”

Sparrow, “Fine then! But I’m here to stay!”
San, “Whatever.”

Sparrow, “And I–” [gasp!]

San, “No! Stay away from that!”

Sparrow, “You have a guitar?”

Sparrow, “Can you play it?”
San, “…Well of course I can play it.”

Sparrow, “No no! I mean for me! Can you play it for me?”

San, “Err… I guess…”

San, “What do you want to hear?”
Sparrow, “Oh anything!! Whatever you want to play!”

San, “Ok, but… you really shouldn’t be getting that excited about it.”
Sparrow, “I love guitars!! I have one back home!”

San, “Oh yeah? You play?”

Sparrow, “Oh yes! I started learning a couple years ago!”

San, “Ahh.” [tunes]

Sparrow, “This is so exciting! I didn’t know you could play!”
San, “…I guess.”

San, “. . .”

San, “I uh… You’re gettin’ kinda close there.”
Sparrow, “Does it bother you?”

San, “Well I– MMPH!”

Sparrow, “eeeeeeeeeehehehe!!”
San, “FFFF– My guitar!”

Sparrow, “Mmmmm……………….”

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