What Really Happened

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

more reality, less buttsecks

Vult, “Here you go.”
Alister, “Thank you!”

Gabe, “Are we sufficiently beveraged? Can we get on with the ass kicking?”

Vult, “Hold your horses, girly boy! I’m ready when I’m ready!”

Gabe, “Girly boy?? You’re the one wearing girl jeans and a purple shirt!”

Vult, “This from the guy who probably spends like three hours doing his hair every morning!”
Gabe, “Hey, I’m naturally this beautiful.”

Alister, “So ah… you guys are friends?”
Gabe, “Yeah I suppose.”

Vult, “At least until I school you on Mario Kart again.”
Gabe, “Ha! Wanna bet on it?”

Alister, [hnnnnnngh]
Vult, “Sure, how about the loser is the winner’s girlfriend’s slave for a day?”
Gabe, “Hm… I think I’m getting the raw deal on that, but sure!”

Gabe, “Just as long as Shael doesn’t make me do anything dirty–“
Alister, “WAUGH!”
Vult, “You ok?”

Alister, “Aww…. yeah… I spilled my drink…”

Vult, [sigh…] “I’ll get a towel.”

Alister, “Thank you… sorry…”
Vult, “It’s ok.”

Gabe, “Hurry up, sissy!”
Vult, “Shove it!”

Gabe, “Hmm… so… how do you and Sparrow know eachother?”
Alister, “Oh, uh…”

Alister, “Um… her dad adopted me when we were kids.”
Gabe, “Ahh…”

Alister, “I uh… was living on the streets, and was taken in by the local church, then he adopted me.”

Gabe, “Really? You seem normal enough.”

Alister, “Heh… I guess…”

Alister, “Ow!! My contact is messed up I think!”
Gabe, “Oh let me take a look.”

Alister, “Ah! No, please don’t!”
Gabe, “It’ll just take a second, hold still–“

Alister, “No please, get away!”

Gabe, “OW–!”
Alister, “AH! I’M SORRY! I… I have a thing about people getting too close!!”

Vult, “Gabe! Are you alright?”
Gabe, “Haha… yeah… I think I’m starting to understand what happened to Gwen.”

Gabe, “Ow, man… I think it’s swelling…”

Vult, “Let me see.”
Gabe, “Ugh is it bleeding? It feels numb.”

Vult, “Hm it’s fine… haha… Man, I bet we look so gay right now.”
Gabe, “Hahahaha yeah! I hope nobody walks by!”

Alister, “That’s not funny!”

Sparrow, “Gasp! Scandalous!”

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