Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

early morning postinnnnnnng

hehe it’s pretty fun having a twitter that i can use to post little photostory-related things :3

sorry these pics get pretty orange and washed out towards the end. the sun came out :< and i didn’t feel like doing any editing, and also didn’t feel like fussing with settings x_x

Gabe, “Ok, there she is. Ready?”
Meryll, “Ummmmm…”

Meryll, “Y’know, on second thought…”
Gabe, “Kitten, you need to tell her what happened.”

Meryll, “But what if–“
Gabe, “Go.”

Meryll, “Fiiiine………”
Gabe, “Wait.”

Gabe, “Your gum.”
Meryll, “What?? But I just started–“

Gabe, “No, you make smacking sounds with it when you’re nervous.”
Meryll, “Awwww…!”

Gabe, “Come on.”
Meryll, “Feh.”

Gabe, “Ok, NOW go.”
Meryll, “Blargh.”

Gabe, [sigh]

Meryll, [deep breath]

Meryll, “Hey Gwen!”
Gwen, “Miss Meryll, hello!”

Meryll, “Look, I… wanted to apologize for what happened yesterday. It was my fault.”
Gwen, “What do you mean?”

Gwen, “You… you mean with Mister Alister? That… that was…”

Gwen, “Why would you do that??”
Meryll, “Well, I um, I hoped that if you had your own boyfriend…”

Meryll, “…You would stop being so touchy-feely with Gabe…”

Gwen, “What? That’s what this is about? Miss Meryll, I…”

Gwen, “Please understand! I have done my best to move on! He is yours, not mine!”

Meryll, “I guess it was pretty immature of me… heh…”
Gwen, “Heh, yes, a little, I suppose.”

Gwen, “When I think of what you and Gabriel share, I–“
Meryll, “Err, you call him by his name now?”

Gwen, “Oh. Well…”

Gwen, [clears throat]
Meryll, “Sorry. Habit.”

Gwen, “Miss Meryll… I do hope that one day you can treat me as a friend, instead of a rival.”

Gwen, “I think you are very interesting and fun. I have not been alive for long, but…”

Gwen, “I hope some day I can learn to be as open and optimistic as you.”

Meryll, “What? That’s silly! You’re much more mature than I am.”

Gwen, “I’m sorry I overreacted when Mister Alister…………… ah… I was afraid.”

Gwen, “Although, I had the strangest feeling when he touched me. Like… like my heart had stopped.”

Gwen, “And I thought that maybe he… if he…”

Meryll, “Oh. Ummm….. I’m sorry, Gwen.”

Gwen, “Sorry? Why?”
Meryll, “Well, Alister is gay.”

Gwen, “What?”
Meryll, “Meaning he’s not interested in girls.”

Gwen, “Oh. I, ah… I see.”

Meryll, “But it’s ok! Now that we’re BEST FRIENDS I’ll find you a real boyfriend!”
Gwen, “. . .”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

so yes… the screaming was just a major overreaction. i think it’s easy to forget that gwen hasn’t even been alive for a year, and spends most of her time with only gabe and jael, and is definitely not used to strangers (let alone strangers who suddenly grab her). plus the sudden intense feeling of alister being so close… yep.

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