It Can Blind You

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

forgive the ratty cat tree and the dark/grainy pics. i couldn’t think of anywhere else to shoot this, and also kind of wanted to push my camera and see how much it would take to turn pics grainy haha >.>

Gabe, “Mmm… this is good gum!”
[sniffle… sniffle…]

Gabe, “…Eh?”


Gabe, “Um… is somebody in there?”

Alister, “Oh… [sniffle] Hi…”
Gabe, “Alister??”

Gabe, “What are you doing in there? And how long have you been hiding?”

Alister, “Since y-yesterday…”
Gabe, “But you’re wearing different clothes today!”

Alister, “Oh… I… got really nervous and threw up. So I snuck out to change.”
Gabe, “……………Oh.”

Gabe, “Well come on, let’s get you out of there.”

Alister, “. . .”

Alister, “No thanks. I’m fine.”
Gabe, “What??”

Alister, “I want to stay in here. Please go away.”

Gabe, “Huff… You’re coming out of there right now!”
Alister, “Ah! No! Stop!!”

Gabe, “Unnnngh!”
Alister, “Leave me alone!!!!”

Alister, “AAAAAAAAH!! STOP!!!!!!”

Alister, “LEAVE ME ALONE LET ME ROT!!!!!!!”
Gabe, [sigh…]

Gabe, “Uh… Alister.”

Alister, [wails]
Gabe, “ALISTER!”

Alister, “Huh?! How did I get here?”
Gabe, “Uh……… I carried you.”

Alister, “W-what?? You… from over there??”
Gabe, “Uh, yeah.”

Alister, “…….You’re strong…”
Gabe, “Uhhh….. yeah.”

Alister, “DON’T HURT ME PLEASE!!!!!!”

Gabe, “. . .”

Gabe, “Listen, it’s ok, I know what happened wasn’t your fault.”
Alister, “You…. you do?”

Gabe, “Of course. If there’s one thing I know by now, it’s Meryll’s handiwork.”

Alister, “Oh…”

Gabe, “Hey… she may be a little overenthusiastic at times, but…”

Gabe, “It’s how she shows she cares. She’s just trying to make you less shy.”
Alister, “She is…?”

Gabe, “Now come on and get up… preferably the easy way this time.”
Alister, “Err…”

Alister, “…Thanks…”
Gabe, “No problem.”

Gabe, “Feeling better?”
Alister, “Y-yeah…”

Gabe, “Great! I’ll see you around!”
Alister, “Ok.”

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