Cute Like a Kitten

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

a friend of mine from high school used to tell me i was “cute like a kitten, but clinically insane”. that may or may not be the case here lol but i felt like using part of it for the title 😛

Meryll, [humming~]

Gabe, “Hey Kitten, sorry…”

Gabe, “Have you been sitting here for a long time?”

Meryll, “Not TOO long I guess.”
Gabe, “Ok, good.”

Gabe, “Shael had me doing a bunch of cleaning for her.”
Meryll, “Ahh.”

Gabe, “She asked me to return your camera to you.”

Meryll, “Oh! I was looking for that earlier!”
Gabe, “She said to tell you it’s broken.”

Meryll, “Whaaaaat??”
Gabe, “I guess she was trying to take some pictures but they weren’t showing up.”

Gabe, “Should you really be lounging around in your panties?”
Meryll, “Why? It’s my room.”

Gabe, “Fair enough………… I heard your new friend accosted Gwen today.”

Gabe, “Do you know anything about that?”
Meryll, “Nope.”

Gabe, “Kitten, I thought we talked about this and you said you wouldn’t push Alister on her.”
Meryll, “It seems to be working just fine.”

Gabe, “Meryll…”
Meryll, “…The camera.”

Gabe, [sigh…]

Gabe, “We’ll talk about it tomorrow. I need some rest.”

Meryll, “. . .”

Gabe, “Mer, I can feel you sneaking up on me. You’re not good at being a ninja, remember?”
Meryll, “Mew?”

Gabe, “…What?”
Meryll, “Mew? Purrpurrpurr!”

Gabe, “What are you doing?”

Meryll, “…Mew?”

Gabe, “Heh, silly girl. I can’t be mad at you if you’re acting cute.”

Meryll, “Yay!”
Gabe, “BUT…”

Gabe, “…You’re still in trouble. You need to apologize to Gwen.”

Meryll, “I can live with that!”

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