Juliet, Don’t Cry

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

i’m really proud of how these pictures came out!! 😀

for those who missed my post last night, I made a twitter account for photostory updates so I can do stuff like share sneak peeks :3 http://www.twitter.com/troublesomegirl

Alister, “Confidence and compliments, confidence and compliments…”

Alister, “Compliments and………. what am I doing…”

Alister, “Snap out of it! I don’t need to do this!”

Alister, “Yes. I’ll just go back there, and I’ll say I don’t want to do this.”

Alister, “That’s what I’ll do! I can–“

Gwen, “Mister Alister? Hello!”
Alister, [gulp]

Alister, Oh no, this can’t be happening!

Alister, “Oh, ah… Miss Gwen… How are you?”
Gwen, “I’m well, thank you!”

Gwen, “And… um… yourself?”

Alister, “I uhh… I’m good.”

Alister, [clears throat] “So, um…” Confidence and compliments!!

Alister, “I like your… socks…”
Gwen, “Oh. Ah, thank you… I suppose…”

Alister, Oh man, that was terrible. Socks?? I can’t do this!

Gwen, “Umm…”
Alister, If I don’t do this, I’ll never hear the end of it!! “I err, I was thinking…”

Alister, “How about you…”
Gwen, “…Me?”

Alister, “And um… and me…”

Gwen, “…I think I should get going…”
Alister, Oh no!!!! I have to stop her!

Alister, “W-wait!”

Gwen, “…?”
Alister, I can do this! Confidence!!

Gwen, “M-Mister Alister?”
Alister, Breath, just breath, it’s ok…

Alister, Just lean in… “M-Miss Gwen…”
Gwen, “W-what are you–?!”

Alister, “NO! OH NO!”


Alister, I have to get out of here!!!!!!!

Alister, WHY AM I SO STUPID?!?!?!

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