Dealing With the Devil

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

lol finally jael gets some camera time!

these pics turned out kind of pewpy. oh well. still learning hehe

just for clarity’s sake, i want to point out that even though they’re spelled the same way, shael’s name is pronounced “shale” and jael’s is pronounced “jile”.

Jael, “Wow! This one is amazed!”

Jael, “Oh, hm… This one is afraid of heights though.”
Shael, “Can’t you guys chat somewhere else?”

Jael, “What? This one did not hear you!”
Shael, “Ungh. Nothing.”

Gabe, “Shael, I’m– Jael? This is where you’ve been?”

Jael, “Master!”

Gabe, “What are you doing hanging around Shael?”
Shael, “Giving me a migraine.”

Jael, “No, this one is hanging out with Tato!”
Shael, “…Same thing.”

Gabe, “I see… well… Slave is here and reporting for duty!”
Shael, “Ah, I almost forgot about that.”

Shael, “I’ll just have you do some cleaning for me. I got you some spare clothes.”

Gabe, “Wow, that was thoughtful of you! Thanks!”
Shael, “No problem.”

Gabe, “Guess I’ll go change, then.”
Jael, “Ooh that sounds like a fun game! Let’s do that!”

Gabe, “Uh……. Shael? I know I lost a bet and all…”

Gabe, “But don’t you think this–“

Gabe, “AUGH!!”

Shael, “Aww… why not?”

Gabe, “I can suck it up and wear a dress, but I will NOT have you taking pictures of me!”

Shael, “I can be reasonable. Would you rather I make you clean naked?”

Gabe, “Err…”
Shael, “Dress and pictures then.”

Jael, “Hehe! This one thinks the Master looks… hehe! Beautiful! Like Miss Gwen!!”

Gabe, “Jael, if you tell ANYBODY about this, so help me I’ll–“
Shael, “Pants.”

Gabe, “W-what?”

Shael, “Pretty lolitas do not wear jeans under their dresses. Hand ’em over.”

Gabe, “…I’m going to kill Vult for this.”

Shael, “Now there’s a good boy. Smile for the camera!”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =

tato doesn’t get any camera time because to gabe she doesn’t exist 😛

posted to DoA w/ the extras

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