Room With a View

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

I feel kind of bad posting pretty much nothing but photostories… but I guess there isn’t really much going on lol

I shot two photostories yesterday 😀 so I already have tomorrow’s waiting, yay me! I think maybe today i’ll work on profile pictures or something?

Gabe, “Mmm… I love you so much…”

Meryll, “Even when I smack my gum too much? Jerkface!”
Gabe, “Awww……….”

Gabe, “Especially when you smack your gum too much.”
Meryll, “Hehehehe!”

Gabe, “I also love when you wear this shirt…”
Meryll, “Hehe, why?”

Gabe, “It’s hard to resist wanting to just slip it down… and down… and down………”
Meryll, “Hehehehehe! You’re gonna stretch it!”

Vult, “Hey Gabe, are you–“

Vult, “. . .”
Meryll, [cough]


Gabe, “You… need a door that locks.”
Meryll, “Aww, it’s not like it happens THAT often.”

Gabe, “Mmm…”

Meryll, “So what else do you love about me? You need to make up for being mean on twitter!”
Gabe, “Hm…?”

Gabe, [sigh…] “It doesn’t help if you’re distracting…”

Gabe, “Ok… I love your delicious tummy… and your cute laugh…”

Gabe, “Mmm… and your pouty lips…”

Gabe, “And–“
Seraph, “Her lips? Seriously? That’s the best you can come up with?”

Meryll, “Eep!!”
Seraph, “Oh, don’t stop on account of me! Unless you’re charging admission.”

Gabe, “Err…”
Meryll, [muffled giggling]

Seraph, “Oh hush, I’m kidding. Let me know when you’re done sucking face.”

Gabe, “UGH!”
Meryll, “Hehehehe!!”

Gabe, “Ok, that’s it, I’m locking the door.”
Meryll, “Huh? But it doesn’t have a lock.”

[shiny stuff happens!]

Gabe, “Ok, now where were we…”
Meryll, “Hehehe!”

Meryll, “My pouty lips…”
Gabe, “Mmm… Yes, I love those……….”

Meryll, “Ah! That tickles!”


Meryll, “What the–?!”
Gabe, “No… just ignore it…”

Jael, “Ow…… Master? Master!! Are you in there??

Gabe, “Um, I’m extremely busy right now, Jael!”

Jael, “But Master! This one needs to speak with you!!”
Gabe, “NOT NOW JAEL!!!

Jael, “But it’s very important, Master!!
Gabe, [sigh]
Meryll, “Aw, it’s ok.”

Jael, “Master??

Gabe, “What is it?”
Jael, “MASTER!!!! Guess what!”

Jael, “Huff! This one was playing with Tato, but…”

Jael, “But then this one missed you! So this one came to see you!”

Jael, “Hi Miss Meryll!”
Meryll, “Hey Jael…”

Gabe, “…Jael.”
Jael, “Yes?”

Gabe, “Have you ever seen me REALLY angry?”
Jael, “Yes!”

Gabe, “Would you like me to be REALLY ANGRY at you?”
Jael, “No! This one does not wish to anger the Master!!”

Gabe, “…Then perhaps you should–“
Meryll, “Er, Jael?”

Meryll, “Guess what I saw in the fridge earlier!”

Jael, “What!! What was it!!”
Meryll, “A nice brand new tub of strawberries!”


Jael, “Sorry Master! This one has business to tend to!!”

Gabe, “Ugh…”

Gabe, “Thanks. You really would be a good mom…” [sigh]

Meryll, “Aww, no I wouldn’t, he’s just easily distracted.”
Gabe, “Can I talk to you about something?”

Meryll, “Sure! What’s up?”
Gabe, “Well, it’s about Alister…”

Gabe, “I don’t mean to be overprotective or anything, but…”

Gabe, “I think all this personal attention you’ve been giving him is–“
Meryll, [snerk!]

Meryll, “Hahahaha!!”
Gabe, “Huh? What’s so funny?”

Meryll, “Hehe!! Alister is more likely to have a crush on you than me!!”

Gabe, “What?? What in the world… He’s not gay!”
Meryll, “Yes he is!”

Gabe, “What?!”
Meryll, “Hahahahahaha!”

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