Your Mind is a Mess

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

it’s difficult to work with shael and tato, because i need to avoid a lot of things so i don’t spoil anything once i start the main storyline. as such i can’t explain the name that tato calls shael, sorry.

sorry about the meh pics, i decided to take them in the bedroom but it made tato look really green x_x damn WS.

Shael, [sigh] “So nice and quiet…”

Shael, “I wonder where–“

Tato, AVARA!!! Guess what!
Shael, “…Ahh.”

Shael, “Don’t scream in my ear.”
Tato, hehehe!

Tato, Avara will never guess! I met somebody!

Shael, “Then go bug them instead of me.”

Tato, hehehe! I met somebody who can see me!
Shael, “What? As in…”

Tato, Avara, don’t you think this is awfully short?
Shael, “Hey!”

Shael, “Buzz off, I can wear whatever I want.”
Tato, eeeeehehehe!

Tato, Do you want to know his name?
Shael, “Augh, not in my face.”

Tato, His name is Jael, and he likes strawberries!

Shael, “As in Gabe’s little minion?”
Tato, Yes! He’s very funny!

Shael, “He can see you? That’s very interesting.”
Tato, He doesn’t know why. He didn’t understand that nobody else could see me!

Shael, “Get off.”
Tato, hehehe!

Tato, Avara, do you think he will come visit me again?
Shael, “Why don’t you go visit him?”

Tato, But then Avara would miss me!!
Shael, “Not really.”

Shael, “It would be nice to have some more peace and quiet for once.”

Tato, Avara is so silly! hehehe!

Shael, “Regardless, I’m happy for you I suppose.”
Tato, hehehe!

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