You Know What Comes Next

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

back to meryll and gabe for now… we’ll come back to shael and tato later maybe hehehe

the dialogue for this was really hard to write T_T;;; even after going over most of it last night with sarah!

Meryll, “Hey Gabe? How old are you?”
Gabe, “Hmm…?”

Gabe, “I thought you said the whole demigod thing wasn’t bothering you?”

Meryll, “Well, no, I’m just curious.”

Gabe, “Hm… Time flows differently for me, so I guess I’m not really sure how to answer.”

Meryll, “Oh…”
Gabe, “Why? Does it bother you?”

Meryll, “No, I said I was just curious.”

Gabe, “You aren’t thinking about the whole dying thing again, are you? Please tell me you’re not.”
Meryll, “No.”

Meryll, “How many girlfriends have you…. gone through?”
Gabe, “. . .”

Gabe, “That’s what’s bothering you? Something silly like that?”

Meryll, “…I think it’s a legitimate question.”

Gabe, “Well, I… guess I’ve had a decent amount. A couple of other demigods, a goddess or two…”

Gabe, “Look if you’re worried about–“
Meryll, “And you’ve slept with them?”

Gabe, “Uh… where is this heading?”
Meryll, “I just don’t really understand.”

Meryll, “You could have all these amazing girls who are crazy powerful and live just as long as you, but you pick me?”
Gabe, “Err…”

Gabe, “I… I think that’s kind of a silly thing to worry over.”

Meryll, “I guess.”

Gabe, “Look… From the moment I met you, I knew you were more amazing than any goddess I’ve ever known.”

Meryll, “Really?”
Gabe, “Yes, and I would give anything to have you at my side for the rest of my life.”

Gabe, “All of the other girls are all in the past…”

Gabe, “You are my future, and you’re all that matters to me.”

Meryll, “I… need to tell you something…”
Gabe, “Hm…?”

Meryll, “I, uh… I… I slept with San.”

Gabe, “. . .”
Meryll, “When we had broken up, I mean… I…”

Meryll, “It was a mistake, I… I’m sorry, I had to tell you…”

Meryll, “…Gabe?”

Meryll, “Gabe, where are you going?!”
Gabe, “I need to think.”


Meryll, “Please… I… please don’t!”

Gabe, “Oh, Mer…”

Meryll, “Please, I didn’t mean to do it, I don’t want to make you angry!”
Gabe, “I’m so sorry, that wasn’t fair of me… I didn’t mean to scare you…”

Meryll, “If my time with you is only a small part of your life…!”
Gabe, “Mer… shh…”

blah blah DoA blah blah

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