No Need To Go Outside

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

gabe’s wig is a sneaky little monkey >:/ it likes to screw with me, sneaking backwards in between shots and making him look like he’s balding, because it knows i forget to check it.

Meryll, “It’s raining again today… sad.”
Gabe, “I could stop it for a bit, if you want.”

Gabe, “I’ve never told you before, but… I am a sort of demigod. Kafka is, as well.”

Meryll, “The rain is fine.”

Gabe, “You care more about the rain than me being a demigod?”
Meryll, “Not really, hehehe… It doesn’t matter to me.”

Gabe, “The nice thing about the rain is it’s a good excuse to stay inside together…”
Meryll, “That’s true.”

Gabe, “You smell amazing… I can’t resist wanting to touch you, it’s all I can think about.”

Meryll, “Gabe, I…”
Gabe, “What?”

Gabe, “What’s wrong?”
Meryll, “Nothing’s wrong, I just…”

Gabe, “Something is obviously wrong. Tell me what it is.”
Meryll, “Please don’t, I don’t want to talk about it.”

Gabe, “Is it something I said? Why can’t you talk to me?”

Gabe, “Nevermind, I can understand if you don’t trust me again yet.”
Meryll, “No…”

Meryll, “Gabe… you know I didn’t mean that.”
Gabe, “I know.”

Meryll, “I’m sorry, I–“

Gabe, “It’s ok, you don’t have to talk about it right now.”

Gabe, “Just promise you’ll tell me eventually.”
Meryll, “…I will.”

Gabe, [sigh…] “I could sit here like this for all of eternity.”
Meryll, “……………..Gabe?”

Meryll, “What will happen when I die?”

Gabe, “…What?”
Meryll, “Well, I mean, if you’re a demigod… you’ll live a lot longer than me, right…?”

Meryll, “…Nevermind! Forget I said anything!”

Gabe, “. . .”

aaaand DoA

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