In Which Jael Is Very Observant

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

make sure you read the photostory i posted last night before this one hehe

Locke, “Hmm…”

Locke, “That has to be him… there aren’t many blond girly guys around here.”

Locke, “Hey mister, are you the one that crazy kid calls Master?”
Gabe, “What?”

Meryll, “I didn’t know Jael was here too!”
Gabe, “…Me neither…”

Gabe, “This will only take a second, I’ll be right back.”
Meryll, “No worries!”

Gabe, “Where is he?”
Locke, “He should be searching in the kitchen.”

Jael, “Really? That’s interesting! This one would have never guessed!”
Tato, hehehe!

Jael, “Have you ever tried strawberries?”

Tato, No… I… don’t really eat like you do.

Jael, “Never had strawberries?! What’s your favorite color?”

Tato, I don’t see colors.
Jael, “Oh, because your eyes are closed!”

Jael, “This one must always keep his eyes open to protect the master!”
Tato, That’s very brave!!

Tato, hehehehe!

Gabe, “JAEL!”
Jael, “EEK!!”

Gabe, “What in the world are you doing here?!”

Locke, “Have you been sitting there talking to yourself all this time?”

Jael, “Of course not, this one has been talking to Tato!”

Gabe, “You have imaginary friends now…?”

Jael, “No! Tato is not imaginary! This one did not make her up!”
Locke, “I knew you were crazy, but…”

Gabe, “You don’t have to lie, Jael, it’s kind of cute that you made up a friend.”
Locke, “Does this mean you’ll stop calling me Little Friend now?”

Tato, They can’t see me like you can.
Jael, “What?! Why?!”

Locke, “Because it’s annoying.”
Jael, “Not you, this one was talking to Tato!”
Gabe, “Jael… why did you follow me again?”

Jael, “It is this one’s duty to protect the master!”

Gabe, “But you left Gwen home by herself…”

Jael, “This one is sorry master!!! This one just didn’t want to be left behind again!!!”

Gabe, “I left you behind for a reason, Jael.”
Jael, “But Master!!!”

Gabe, “Gwen needs somebody strong to protect her while I’m gone.”
Jael, “Like this one!! This one would NEVER let anything happen to Miss Gwen!!”


Jael, “Farewell, Little Friend!! This one is sorry, but there are duties to fulfill!”
Locke, “…Seeya.”

Gabe, “We’re not leaving yet, Jael. I don’t want to go home right this instant.”
Jael, “What?!”

Jael, “How can this one protect Miss Gwen if this one is HERE?!”

Gabe, “I believe Locke is going home today, maybe you can hitch a ride with him?”
Locke, “WHAT?!?!?!?!”

Jael, “PERFECT!! This one can go home with Little Friend, and Little Friend does not have to be lonely!!”

Jael, “Goodbye Tato, this one must–!?”

Jael, “…Where did she go?”

Jael, “Tato’s gone, she didn’t say goodbye.”
Gabe, “It’s ok, I’m sure you’ll see her again soon.”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


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