Nice Place to Visit

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

haha 2 1/2 weeks late >.>


Seraph, “Man, that boy needs a hobby.”

Seraph, “Oh well, could be worse I guess…”

Seraph, “…Huh?”

Seraph, “eeee…?”

Seraph, “AUGH!”


Meryll, “Yay! Home sweet home!”
Mendo, “Nice place to visit, eh?”

Meryll, “But… where’s Wynnie?”

Meryll, “Yay!”

Meryll, “Oof! I missed you!”
Brodwyn, “Me too.

Seraph, “Ah… so that’s what all the screaming was about…”
Meryll, “Seraph! Hey!”

Mendo, “Hey, want to help me carry in the bags?”
Seraph, “Hm? Sure, ok.”

Seraph, “I’ll be back in a sec, then you can tell me about your trip!”
Meryll, “Ok! See you soon!”

Meryll, “So how was it with me gone?”
Brodwyn, “Boring. I made brownies.

Meryll, “Haha, I bet those tasted pretty interesting!”

Meryll, “Did anything else–?!”
San, “Here.”

Meryll, “Uhh…..”
San, “…Gonna just leave me hanging?”

Meryll, “Err, no…”

San, “All set?”
Meryll, “Thank you.”

San, “Seeya.”
Meryll, “Yeah, seeya.”

Brodwyn, “Seeya.

(sorry that one was a bit boring, needed to do it to move on to the next story lol)

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