Laydees Man, Looking For Love!

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

this was a pain to shoot x_x i got so wrapped up in preparing that i hadn’t really thought out the dialogue enough haha and i didn’t really have anywhere convenient to sit while taking pictures without blocking the light x_x so i’m sorry a few are kind of blurry or lit funky.

let’s see… special “thank you”s to kittywolf13 for helping me think up a few random usernames (you’ll see), and batchix, nagasvoice, and kittywolf13 for letting me use their pretty girls n______n

San, “Ooh, four new messages!”

San, “Let’s see how many laydees love me today!”

Seraph, “Hey, loser… talking to yourself again?”

San, “Seraph!! Uh, what’s up?”
Seraph, “Not much.”

Seraph, “What are you up to?”

San, “Uh, nuthin, just messing around.”

Seraph, “Yeah sure, lemme see!”
San, “Hey!”

Seraph, “What is this… a dating website?! HAHAHA!”
San, [groan…]

Seraph, “Seriously? Why would you…”
San, “I was just bored, ok?”

Seraph, “Ok ok, I can live with that…”

Seraph, “Let’s see what kind of chicks you’ve been picking up!”

Seraph, “Hmm…”
San, “I’m not ‘picking up’ anybody, I was just screwing around!”

Seraph, “Classical music? A nice guy?? It’s like they KNOW YOU!!”
San, “Shut up. She’s too old anyways.”

Seraph, “Yeah, forgot you’re into that cradle robbing crap.”
San, “Shut up.”

Seraph, “Lots of redheads, haha!”

Seraph, “How about this one? She seems spunky.”
San, “Too uhh… I dunno.”

Seraph, “Ooh I like this one. You should send her my number!”
San, “Back off!”

Seraph, “Yeah fine… hmm…”

Seraph, “Hey this one seems to like you. You’ve been talking with her a lot?”

San, “Huh? They all like me, which one?”
Seraph, “Ha!”

San, “Oh, her. Yeah I guess. She’s funny to screw around with.”

San, “I guess I could reply to her now.”

San, “Can you attach that picture to it for me?”

Seraph, “This here? Uh… HA!!”

San, “Woman, shut up and attach the picture!”

Seraph, “Oh man, does Vult know about this?!”

Seraph, “Hahahahaha…… Where in the world did you… hahahaha!”


Seraph, “Haha… ok… I’ll shut up…”

Seraph, “So where did you get it?”

San, “Yuki sold it to me.”
Seraph, “What?? Oh man!”

Seraph, “So does this mean you’re over Mer?”

San, “Uh… yeah.”

Seraph, “That’s good.”
San, “Ok I’m done, send it please.”

Seraph, “Sure thing.”

Seraph, “Ok, well as fun as this was, I’m out of here.”

San, “Can you uh… not tell anybody about this? Please?”

Seraph, “Yeah sure, good luck!”
San, “Thanks. Seeya.”

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