You’re the Part of Me That I Don’t Want to See

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

buh, poor san. he’s such a piece of shit and i hate (HATEHATE) the guy he’s (very loosely) based on, but i feel so sorry for him.

also he desperately needs a new face-up ; ; it’s like the gloss is sucking the life out of the MSC around it, wtf?

a few people on DoA were like ONOEZ MOAR DR\nAMA with the last photostory. sorry if you guys are sick of the drama too! but this is definitely not as drama-fied as everybody was afraid of, though.

San, [sigh…]

San, “This is not as fun as it used to be. Stupid Seraph.”

San, “Hmm… tch, thoughts of my ex. That’s the last thing I…”

Meryll, “Hey.”
San, “…need………………….. Hi.”

San, “What are you doing here?”
Meryll, “Um… Seraph said you’d be here. I wanted to talk to you.”

Meryll, “Er… what are you doing? Looking at a forum?”

San, “Just screwing around on a dating website.”
Meryll, “…Oh.”

Meryll, “Um, anyways… I wanted to talk to you.”
San, “Then talk.”

Meryll, “Err… well… I wanted to say I was sorry for what I said last time.”
San, “Ok.”

Meryll, “I mean… I know you didn’t say that stuff to be mean…”

Meryll, “I know you were just trying to make it easier to deal with what was going on.”

Meryll, “You were just trying to make me hate you.”

Meryll, “And I…”

Meryll, “Are you listening?? Stop checking your messages!”
San, “Keep talking.”

Meryll, “Well… I… I know you were just trying to make yourself angry at me, too.”

Meryll, “Just like you made Vult and Gabe mad… because you would rather deal with that than–“

Meryll, “Err… What are you looking at?”

San, “Huh?”
Meryll, “Is that… is that a naked guy??”

Meryll, “It is!! Why are you looking at a naked guy?!”

Meryll, “Haha!! Click on it, I want to see!”
San, “Hell no!”

Meryll, “No, don’t delete it!”
San, “Back off!”

Meryll, “Hahaha I want to seeeeee!”
San, “No! You can’t see that, you’re my–“

Meryll, “Ah! AH!! I’m falling!”

San, “–girlfriend…”

Meryll, “Erm… San… I’m not…”

San, “I miss you, Mer.”

Meryll, “But…”
San, “I miss your goofy hats. And I miss the way you used to look at me.”

San, “And I miss your laugh, and your smile…”

San, “Even though I… guess I didn’t get to see them that much.”

San, “Please… I love you.”

Meryll, “I… I’m sorry San, but I…”

San, “Fine.”
Meryll, “No, I… I love Gabe, and… you hurt me.”

Meryll, “San? Look at me please.”

Meryll, “I care about you, but I love Gabe, and you know that.”

Meryll, “San please, don’t act like this.”
San, “Tch…”

Meryll, “San…?”
San, “Just leave.”

Meryll, “But…!”

Meryll, “Fine, I’m leaving.”

Meryll, “…See you around, I guess.”

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