Gabriel Cullen?!

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

just a silly photostory. this doesn’t really take place at any specific time compared to the other photostories (otherwise: this is not immediately the next day after last night’s photostory, otherwise everybody would probably not be in such a good mood).

i mainly made this because it HAD to be made, after joking about it so much between me/jamie/lily/sarah… (although sarah will probably kick me in the head for it)… but also i’m going to use it as an example for my first challenge in ps_delicious

Vult, “Ok, I put in the movie.”
Meryll, “YAYAYAY!”
Shael, “Meryll, please sit down.”

Seraph, “Pipe down, little miss fangirl.”

Meryll, “I haven’t seen it yet! I’m excited!”

Gabe, “Seriously, what’s so good about this Twilight thing anyways.”
Meryll, “Edward is hawt!!”

Shael, “Meryll, you’re blocking the TV.”

Meryll, “Sorry!!”
Seraph, “It’s ok, Gabe, I can’t stand Edward.”

Gabe, “You don’t even like guys! Your opinion doesn’t count!”
Meryll, “Oh hush, whiner!”

Seraph, “Maaaaan this is way different than the book.”

Gabe, “What the heck is with this guy? This character is totally not realistic.”
Meryll, “Awww but I like him!”

Gabe, “What?! What’s he got that I don’t?!”
Meryll, “Somebody’s jealous!”

Seraph, “Aaactually, I’m starting to notice quite a few similarities here.”

Meryll, “Really?”
Gabe, “Whaaat?! I am NOT like Edward!”

Vult, “I dunno, I’m seeing it!”
Gabe, “What?!”

Seraph, “Sorry Gabe, majority rules!”
Meryll, “hehehehe!!”

Meryll, “Come on Mister Cullen, let’s see those sparkles!”
Gabe, “UNHAND ME!”
Seraph, “I’ll hold him down!”

Vult, “Hey, does that mean San is like Jacob?”

Meryll, “What? No.”
Seraph, “Ohhhh you’re on to something there!”

Seraph, “Sorry Mer, I guess that means you’re the annoying marysue!”
Meryll, “Huh?! Am not!”
Gabe, “hahaha!”

Meryll, “Hey! Don’t laugh!!”
Gabe, “hahahahahaha!”

Meryll, “I said shut up!!”

Meryll, “This movie sucks!! I’m putting something else in!!”

Shael, “Sit your butt down and shut up.”
Vult, “Err, Shael?”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Gabe, “I am NOT like Edward.”
Meryll, “Oh shush.”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

keep pro/anti-twilight comments to yourself please lol this does not in any way reflect my opinions towards the book and/or movie.

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