Best Out of Three

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

i was going to do this yesterday, but i couldn’t quite decide what i wanted to do. but, then i did! obviously.

yesterday’s event got canceled x_x so i ended up not even playing ffxi at all. so i’ll prolly put up the first challenge in ps_delicious while i’m waiting for people to gather tonight.

Shael, “How long are you planning on playing that?”
Vult, “Uhh………………”

Shael, [clears throat]
Vult, “Gabe kicked my butt last night so I need more practice.”

Shael, “Well if you’re going to keep playing then pass me a remote.”
Vult, “Oh, ok.”

Shael, “So he beat you, huh? Maybe it’s… mmm… maybe it’s your stance?”
Vult, “Huh?”

Vult, “What are you talking about?”
Shael, “Well you always sit like a hunchback.”

Shael, “Maybe if you sit up straight, you would play better.”
Vult, “I do NOT sit like a hunchback.”

Shael, “Fine, whatever.”

Vult, “Not again!”
Shael, “What?”

Vult, “Why do you ALWAYS pick Koopa Troopa!?”

Shael, “Well, I like Koopa Troopa.”
Vult, “Unnnnnnnngh.”

Shael, “If you’re going to be a big baby–“
Vult, “No. I’ll play Dry Bones.”

Shael, “Tell you what, if you win this match I’ll let you play Koopa Troopa.”
Vult, “Eh?”

Shael, “But you have to play sitting up straight.”
Vult, “…Like this? I can do that.”

Shael, “But if I win… I get to pick the next game.”

Vult, “…..Ok, you’re on!”

[game music]

[moar game music]

Shael, “Vult…”

Shael, “You’re slouching.”
Vult, “Shut up, I can’t concentrate like that.”

Shael, “So where did Gabe go?”
Vult, “Oh… he went to tell Meryll what happened. The yelling stopped so she must be ok now.”

Shael, “Why do you still hang out with that scum?”
Vult, “Huh?! Gabe is not scum!”

Shael, “I was talking about San.”
Vult, “…Oh. I dunno, it’s not like there are any other guys to hang out with.”

Vult, “I mean obviously we’re–“
Shael, “You lost.”

Vult, “WHAT?! You distracted me!”

Vult, “How did you…… you weren’t looking at the screen!”

Shael, “Women’s intuition.”

Shael, “Mmm… now I get to pick what we play…”
Vult, “You… are such a cheater.”

Gabe, “Well… she was pretty mad at first, but now she’s–“

Gabe, “Uhhhhhhh…..”
Vult, “Oh, uh, Gabe…”
Shael, . . .

Gabe, “I’ll uh… I’ll come back later…”

Vult, “So much for intuition……..”
Shael, “Well I guess I should’ve seen that one coming.”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

lol tato helps her cheat

and on DoA with some crappy dog extras

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