NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

ok ok ok ok so i promised i would stick to warm fuzzies, so here we are back to the warm fuzzies.

this is AFTER gabe explains to meryll about what happened to san (which i will not be doing a story about because it’s repetitive after all of the arguing they’ve had over that sort of thing already), but BEFORE gabe accidentally walks in on vult and shael’s makeout session.

Gabe, “So you’re not mad about the San thing?”
Meryll, “Eh… I understand why you did it.”

Meryll, “Let’s change the subject, I don’t really want to talk about it anymore.”

Gabe, “Hm… ok, help me think of a nickname for you! Since Vult already calls you Mer.”
Meryll, “Hey, yeah!! Why DON’T you have a cute name for me?!”

Gabe, “It’s not like you have one for me! Don’t guilt me!”

Meryll, “Huh? Of course I do!”

Gabe, “Oh really! Like what?”

Meryll, “Hmm… let’s see…”

Meryll, “There’s shnookums… cuddlybear… fuzzy-mc-whats-its… scruffims…”

Gabe, “What?! You’ve never called me any of those!”
Meryll, “Of course I have!”

Gabe, “You’re such a liar!!”
Meryll, “Am not!! hahaha Let go!!”

Meryll, “EEEEEEEEE!”

Gabe, “You, ma’am, have NEVER called me scruffy-mc-whats-its.”
Meryll, “That’s FUZZY-mc-whats-its.”

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