The Pounding of My Heartbeat

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

meryll has an actual bed now because we rearranged the guest room a bit so now there’s room lol

ok, now this is after gabe walks in on vult and shael. what? i should’ve swapped the last two photostories around? shh.

actually it was on purpose because they happened simultaneously, and the vult/shael story technically starts first.

Gabe, “They’re… busy, I’ll talk to Vult later.”

Brodwyn, “Hi Gabe.
Gabe, “BWAH!”

Gabe, “When uh… when did you get here?”
Brodwyn, “A little bit ago.
Meryll, “She wanted to hang out.”

Gabe, “Oh… well, I was wondering…”

Meryll, “Hm? What’s up?”

Gabe, “Well… if you… when I go home, if you would want to come with me?”
Meryll, “Oh!”

Meryll, “Sure! That sounds great!”

Gabe, “Really? I was thinking we–“
Brodwyn, “NO!”

Meryll, “…Wynnie…?”
Brodwyn, “DON’T GO! YOU’LL BE SAD!”

Gabe, “Err, I was only meaning–“

Meryll, “Oh, Wynnie, I’ll be fine!”
Gabe, “…Only a week…”
Brodwyn, “BUT…!”

Meryll, “Shh, it’s not for a LONG time, silly!”
Brodwyn, “But…

Brodwyn, “But I’ll miss you.
Meryll, “Awwwww I’ll miss you too!! Now I have to pack, ok?”

Meryll, “This will be so fun!”
Brodwyn, “But…

Meryll, “I’m so excited!”
Gabe, “Really? You are? I was afraid you wouldn’t want to!”

Meryll, “What? Why wouldn’t I want to?”
Gabe, “I don’t know… I was just being paranoid I guess!”
Brodwyn, “Don’t leave me here…

on DoA

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