Them’s Fightin’ Words

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

yaaaaaaaawn tired. i’m helping cori’s mom take the puppies for their last shots and such, then i’m taking my puppy home… i was like “ok i need to get to bed early” so i was going to bed at 10. one of my ffxi friends from california called me to chat a bit, and then cori’s mom called and was like “i need you to take some pictures” and i was like >___> “uh… ok?” and she apparently meant right then. so i had to drive over there and take puppy pictures, which i wouldn’t mind… but cori’s mom talks foreverrr T_T;;;;; so i didn’t leave until 1:30am, and got to bed at 2:30, and now here i am at 8:30 crazy tired and having to drive to help take the puppies to the vet. wooo. (i think it helps to remember how much i suck at the whole sleeping thing.) first stop: mcdonald’s for some breakfast @_@

anyways… apparently it took me an hour to take these, and i made the mistake of not starting until the sun was just starting to go away. so the pics get progressively darker and darker ;o; sorry

Meryll, [sigh…]

San, “Are you reading over there, or moping?”
Meryll, “Sorry…”

Meryll, “I just can’t help it, it’s only been a couple of days.”

San, “I was afraid of this… Come here.”

Meryll, “K…”
San, “Come on, make yourself comfortable.”

San, “Now, cheer up, emo kid.”
Meryll, “I’m sorry, it’s just–“

San, “No! Stop pouting. Besides, that outfit is driving me crazy.”

Meryll, “What?? hehehe!”
San, “Oh yeah!”

San, “Almost like some little school girl.”
Meryll, “hehehe!”

San, “I can’t help myself I just have to…”

Meryll, “EEP! Hey!”

Meryll, “What are you– hehe! Stop!”

San, “There we go, much better.”
Meryll, “San…”

San, “Now, give me those cute pouty lips.”

Meryll, “San… wait…”

San, “What’s wrong?”
Meryll, “Stop, please… I’m just…”

San, “nnnnnnnnnnngh!”
Meryll, “I’m sorry…”

San, “Nah it’s ok, I should’ve known.”

Meryll, “I think this outfit is missing something.”
San, “Huh?”

Meryll, “Yoink!”
San, “Hey!”

San, “Give it back!”
Meryll, “No way!”

Meryll, “Besides, I look cuter in it than you do!”

San, “Oh now you’ve done it…”
Meryll, “hehehe!”

San, “I’ll just have to take it back…!”
Meryll, “hehehe! San, stop! hehehe!”

Meryll, “No, I–!” [muffled sniffling]

San, “Nonono, don’t start… come here, get up.”

San, [sigh] “It’s ok, it’s ok…”

ok so that’s the “last” photostory. i want to focus on somebody else for a bit… though i honestly don’t have anything planned lol me and sarah do have more plans for meryll/gabe/san/gwen but not for a while.

(also, i really had to resist the urge to put something like “obligatory mmmmm sounds” on the kissing pic lol)

any suggestions? anything you want to see? or anyone in particular you want to see more of n_n

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