I Think It’s Yours

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

sarah wants me to do more photostories, but i have noooooooo ideas right now. so i decided i would use a 100 themes thing (using this list) for photostory ideas. *shrugshrug*

i couldn’t decide on one to start with, so i used my dice (being a D&D nerd comes in handy sometimes) and ended up with #51, soap opera.

Vult, “Shael…? SHAEL!!!”

Vult, “Are you alright? Shael!”

Shael, “…Vult…? Is that you…?”
Vult, “I’m here, are you ok?”

Shael, “I don’t know, I’m feeling faint… Vult, I’m late.”

Vult, “Uh, late?”
Shael, “Late late. I think it’s your child.”

Vult, “It’s… my…. what?!”

Vult, “You mean…”
Shael, “I understand, you don’t want a child. I’ll be out of your life! Don’t worry!!”

Vult, “No! We can start a family! This is exciting!”
Shael, “…What?”

Shael, “Christ’s sake, Vult, can’t you take a joke?”
Vult, “But… you mean…”

Shael, “It’s April Fool’s Day. Besides, I have enough annoying brats controlling my life as it is.”
Vult, “But…”

Vult, “…April Fool’s was two days ago…”
Tato, “hee!”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

yes, late for april fool’s. but i didn’t have any ideas until now ; ; sorry.

vult’s finger is still broken x_x had a hard time hiding it lol

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