Another False Step

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

i’m a little concerned about the lack of comments over the past few days… i mean, not in a “WAAAAH I WANT MORE COMMENTS” way, but i’m just worried that maybe i’m doing something wrong, or if people are even reading them, etc. or maybe people are just waiting until the “end” before they comment.

but, regardless, i hope you’ve been enjoying them.

Vult, “Sorry again about what happened.”
Gabe, “It wasn’t your fault at all.”

Vult, “Yeah but… I dunno, I feel like I should’ve done more to stop it.”

Gabe, “Meryll made her own choices, don’t worry about it. Life moves on.”

Jael, “Make way! Out of the way! This one and that one coming through!”
Vult, “She’s ‘that one’ now?”
Gabe, “Thanks for lending us a few clothes for her.”

Vult, “No problem, it’s the least we could do.”

Jael, “Are we finally going home, Master?”

Gabe, “Yes, we’re going home.”

Vult, “Meryll said she would be here, if you want to wait for her…”

Gabe, “Ok… but… why is he here?”
Vult, [cough] “I don’t know… want me to tell him to leave?”

Meryll, “Sorry I’m late!”
Vult, “It’s ok.”
Gabe, “…”

Meryll, “I hope you guys have a safe trip!”

Gabe, “…Yeah…”

San, “Yeah, have a safe trip…”

San, “…and come back to visit again soon.”
Vult, “…San…”

Gabe, ¬_____¬

Gabe, “I think we’ve overstayed our welcome, let’s go.”
Vult, “San, what the hell are you doing??

Meryll, “Gabe, wait!”

Gabe, “How heartless can you be??”
Meryll, “………..”

Meryll, “…”

Meryll, “…Here.”

Meryll, “Don’t forget this.”
Gabe, “Oh…”

Jael, “Ready to go, Master?”
Gabe, “Yeah, let’s get out of here.”

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