The Wizard of AK, pt.7

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

i meant to have this up 2-3 hours ago @_@ but i fell asleep!! ;o;

i have to say, the last bit of the movie was always my least favorite. where dorothy holds up the broom and curtsies… the whole curtain incident… and the ONOEZ HE’S LEAVING WITHOUT ME!!… and the “you were there, and you!”…


this is not quite so cheesy, but hopefully still just cheesy enough. (these pics were taken by sarah again and edited by me)

Scarecrow, “You don’t have to be cheesy about it…”
Lion, “Shh!”

Meryll, [cough!] “We’ve brought the Wicked Witch’s broom to–“
Wizard?, “Please stop talking to my sun plaque.”

Meryll, “Uh— huh?!”
Lion, “What?!”

Wizard!, “Hi, over here!”

Tinjack, “i m p o s t e r !”

Wizard, “No, please, I wasn’t trying to trick you or anything… You just assumed and–“

Meryll, “Give me one reason why I shouldn’t shove this up your–“

Wizard, “Oh! That would be quite unpleasant, please don’t.”
Meryll, “You tricked us! You’re not a wizard at all?!”

Wizard, “I assure you I am a wizard, I’m just… not a plaque on the wall. Sorry to disappoint.”
Lion, “So you’ll still help us?”
Meryll, “Yeah, we did what you asked! We uh… took care of your problem, and brought you her broom.”

Scarecrow, “You’d better hold up your end! I want my brain, and the chicken needs some courage!”

Wizard, “I most certainly keep my promises, though I regret to inform you that you already have a brain, Scarecrow.”

Scarecrow, “Oh, I do? Does that mean I can get all the laydees now?”
Wizard, “Er… That’s not for me to say, sorry. But your friend already has courage, as well.”

Lion, “I do?! But–“
Wizard, “Of course. What kind of coward would walk around in an outfit like that?”

Tinjack, “a n d m e . . . a h e a r t ?”
Wizard, “Little one… you already have found what you’re seeking, as well.”

Wizard, “Meryll poured her heart and soul into you when she fixed you.”
Meryll, “Oh, wow! I didn’t realize!”

Wizard, “And you… have you decided whether or not you want to go home?”

Meryll, “I’ve had fun… but… I really do need to return. They would miss me, I think.”

Wizard, “Oh… Well, I guess I have to admit my misdeeds.”
Meryll, “What do you mean?”

Wizard, “I’m the one who brought you here, and as a result it’s my fault the Wicked Witch attacked you.”
Meryll, “I don’t understand…”

Wizard, “You’ll need this to get back home.”
Meryll, “My necklace…? But…”

Wizard, “Just think of everything you love, and you will wake up in your home, safe and sound.”

Meryll, “Thank you!!”
Wizard, “Just… promise me one thing…”

Meryll, “I… I changed my mind, I don’t want to leave!”
Wizard, “Don’t be ridiculous. You must return home.”

Wizard, “Just promise you’ll come back to me…”
Meryll, “I don’t want to leave…!”

Don’t let me go………

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

keen observermonkeys will remember that the necklace was given back to gabe and has been in his possession since.

so that’s the end, tralala. we’ll go back into the regular drama tomorrow.

just incase you guys are confused or anything, here are a few questions i’ve been getting asked (feel free to ask more!):

where is jael?!
originally tato and jael were going to be the munchkins, but i forgot tato when we left the house for the original photoshoot ; ; there were also plans of making jael into the witch’s assistant, like flying monkeys, but i couldn’t think of a good way to fit him in there.

how could the scarecrow be on fire in his mind if he doesn’t have a brain?
well he DOES have a brain, according to the wizard. and i’ve heard rumors that he’s a pretty shmott guy (the wizard, that is… just cuz the scarecrow has a brain doesn’t mean it’s a very good one lol).

so meryll was dreaming this?
uh… yes. why else would vult be walking around in a lion suit?

why are meryll’s eyes not colored?
because she is an outsider in the land of AK. or, to go more in depth, subconciously she considers herself to be seperated from the people around her.

why aren’t brodwyn’s eyes colored?
hmm… the original idea behind coloring the eyes, was that each person meryll encountered adds more and more to her self awareness, etc. brodwyn doesn’t really help meryll along. she tells her where to go, sure, but if anything makes her feel more insecure, not the other way around.

i can’t picture vult being so cowardly…
vult is a pushover, yes, but he is definitely not a coward. meryll views him more as a protective older brother figure (kind of like a security blanket), but since it is her dream, her mind has decided to present him as a weaker person for her to protect instead.

meryll knows how to fix machines?
in the MAIN storyline (which i will start some day) meryll is what’s known as a bodger. she is very good with machines, and i don’t really get the opportunity to show that very often.

meryll has been in a blond wig lately, why is she in a pink fur wig in this story?
obviously meryll misses her old hairstyle?

where did the necklace come from?! GASP!
where indeed? stay tuned!

how did you do the effects? how long did it take you?
i got VERY burnt out and was lazy with most of the effects, so they were just done with sunflares :/ i lost count of how many hours i spent editing, but on the last day it was easily 6+ hours. the color changes were easy because i set up a script to just colorize to what i wanted and then change the brightness/contrast, but there were around 150 pictures total, and coloring the eyes made it a very long process.

sun plaque…? really…?
we kind of just went with what was available ; ;

whose idea was this? will you guys ever do something like this again?
the original idea was sarah’s. i had my doubts but after thinking it over i realized it would be a lot of fun, and would be a nice break from the rest of the photostories. BOY WAS I WRONG. hahaha and uhhh i dunno. i joked with sarah telling her we should set up a “donate” button, and whenever it reaches $500 we would do something like this again, but i don’t think that would go over so well lol 😀

will san EVER get the LAYDEES?!
hahaha who knows…

thanks for sticking through to the end!!

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