The Wizard of AK, pt.5/6

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

i decided to shorten the wait yet again by combinin these two segments… the first one was only 11 pictures T______T and i’m just impatient like that.

sarah took the first half of these pictures (she was up in the loft of my mom’s bedroom, i’m i’m afraid of heights). they have a dreamlike fuzz because they’re in the wizard’s place! (not at all because we started losing light and the pics got grainy *cough*)

part 6 (the 2nd half of this) is my favorite. you’ll see why! 8D

Meryll, “This is the Wizard’s place? It’s kind of…”
Scarecrow, “What were you expecting? Jewel-colored walls? A horse-drawn carriage? Maybe we could make the horse change colors for you?”

Meryll, “Well… no…”
Lion, “I’d settle for some people! This place is sure empty…”

Meryll, “Eep!”
Lion, “Where is it coming from?!”
Scarecrow, “I don’t see anybody!!”

Meryll, “Is it… the sun?! Is that you, Wizard?!”

Wizard?, “[sigh…] It is I, the Wizard of AK, what do you want?”

Meryll, “Wizard, we’ve come to ask for your help!! I need to find my way home…”

Meryll, “…and my friends all have favors to ask of you, as well!”

Wizard?, “And what makes you think I just do random favors for people?”
Scarecrow, “(I told you he was just a crackpot…)”
Meryll, “Please! We’ll help you out in return if there’s something you need!”

Wizard?, “Hmm… the Wicked Witch of the West is strangely obsessed with me. You could do me a favor and tell her to get lost!”
Meryll, “Err…. ok, I suppose we can do that…”

Scarecrow, “We’d better get going then, that’s not exactly next door or anything.”
Wizard?, “Bring me back something to prove you were there!”

Lion, “Are you sure we should do this? The Wicked Witch is scary!”
Meryll, “We have to! It’s the only way he’ll help us!”
Scarecrow, “This is definitely not worth a brain.”

[a little while later…]

Meryll, “Let me get this straight: the Wicked Witch lives in my house?!”
Lion, “This is your house? Nice place!”

Meryll, “The Good Witch said it was eaten!”
Lion, “How could somebody eat a house?”

Meryll, “That’s what I said!!”
Scarecrow, “Keep it down… let’s get moving before somebody sees us.”

???, “WHO’S THERE?!”

Wicked Witch, “Oh, it’s just you imbeciles. And now you have a pet coward, how quaint!”

Lion, “W-we were just leaving! D-don’t hurt us!!”
Scarecrow, “We weren’t just leaving, we’re supposed to tell her to buzz off, and then steal something!”

Wicked Witch, “Steal something?! You’re stupider than I thought!”
Meryll, “Oh boy…”

Wicked Witch, “Stealing from the strongest witch in AK…”

Wicked Witch, “Hahahaha! What fools! Who sent you here?!”

Meryll, “Look we don’t want to fight! The wizard sent us to tell you to leave him alone, and said to bring back something proving we were here, that’s all…”
Lion, “Please don’t hurt us! I like breathing!”

Wicked Witch, “Oh, if that’s the case, then take my broomstick…”
Meryll, “Really? Thanks!”

Meryll, “Ah!”

Scarecrow, “Meryll!”

Meryll, “Ouch!!”
Wicked Witch, “Fool! As if I would give you my broomstick!”

Wicked Witch, “Hm… you are kind of cute. You must be the wizard’s new fling, maybe I should just destroy you!”
Meryll, “What are you talking about?!”

Wicked Witch, “Hahahaha no, somebody as stupid as you is no competition for the wizard’s heart!”

Wicked Witch, “Just the thought makes me laugh!”
Meryll, “Hey, I’m not stupid! There’s no need to get rude!”

Wicked Witch, “Well you are the one who just broke into my house!”
Meryll, “This is my house!! You stole it from me!”

Tinjack, “t h a t i s i t . . . n o m o r e !”
Meryll, “Huh?”

Wicked Witch, “Stupid little munchkin. What are you going to do, throw water on me?”



Meryll, “Oh… my goodness…”
Scarecrow, “That was awesome!”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


me: *shooting pictures* man, i don’t want to have to photoshop gwen catching san on fire. i avoided it the first time… not to mention the water thing…

sarah: meh


sarah: …whut?

me: YES.

aaaand posted to DoA

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