Do I Have To Walk On Water?

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

i’m really excited to post this :3 hopefully nobody is disappointed.

Meryll, “Hey! Jael!”
Jael, “EEP!”

Meryll, “Where is Gabe? I need to talk to him.”

Jael, “This one would never tell the Master Stealer something like that!”

Jael, “Of course, I suppose you are not the Master Stealer anymore…”
Meryll, “Great, here we go………..”

Jael, “So this one could technically tell…”

Jael, “But what if the Master got upset because I told…?!”

Jael, “This one cannot upset the Master again!”

Jael, “If the Master were upset with this one again, this one shudders to think what would happen!”
Meryll, “. . .”

Meryll, “Forget I asked.”

Meryll, “Here you are!”
Gabe, “Meryll? What’s…”

Gabe, Is that… where did she get the necklace?!

Meryll, “What’s the big idea? Why did you leave this in my room??”
Gabe, “Hey, I have no idea how it got there!”

Meryll, “I’m serious! It wasn’t funny, and I don’t appreciate being toyed with!!”

Gabe, “I’m serious, too! Last time I saw that, it was back at home!”

Meryll, “Well take it back then!”
Gabe, “I… I don’t want it.”

Meryll, “W-what? Why don’t you want it?”

Gabe, “Every time I look at it, I get depressed.”

Meryll, “Why would you get depressed? You have Gwen, you don’t care about me.”
Gabe, “Huh??”

Gabe, “What does Gwen have to do with anything?”

Meryll, “You two are together now, aren’t you?”

Gabe, “Hahaha no… where did you get that idea?”

Meryll, “Uh… well… Brodwyn said…”

Gabe, “To be fair, she did try to express her affections for me…”
Meryll, “She did? And you turned her down?!”

No my lord! I…My Lord, I am in love with you!

Gabe, “I told her she meant a lot to me, but not in the same way.”
I’m so sorry Gwendolyn. I know that took a lot of courage to tell me that.

…my heart has long since belonged to someone else. But you will always be dear to me…
Gabe, “I still loved you, even after everything that had happened.”

Gabe, “She understood, I think… but she was still pretty upset.”
That is enough for me. I will always be here for you, My Lord…

Meryll, “Oh… so…”

Gabe, “Meryll, the only person I would want to spend my life with is you.”

Gabe, “If you won’t share it with me, then there is nobody who can take your place.”

Meryll, “I…”


Meryll, “But I said such horrible things!!! And did even worse things!!!

Meryll, “I’ve been a terrible person!!! You deserve so much better than me!!!

Meryll, “You are so beautiful and kind, I am just nasty, and… and… mean, and…

Gabe, “Meryll…”

Gabe, “Stop, please.”
Meryll, “But…”

Gabe, “You are amazing, beautiful, fun… and the only person I would ever want to be with.”

Meryll, “Gabe, I…”

Meryll, “I’m so sorry… Please forgive me…”
Gabe, “I’m sorry, too, you aren’t the only one to blame.”

Gabe, “Now get up, you silly goose.”

Meryll, “I missed you so much…”
Gabe, “I missed you, too.”

Gabe, “Oh, I almost forgot…”

Gabe, “Hm… Maybe some day I should do this with a ring?”
Meryll, “Haha………….. you’re kidding, right?”

= = = = = = = = = = = =

just a quick extra. gabe was kneeling totally on his own!

also posted to DoA

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