The Wizard of AK, pt.4

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

three more to go after this @_______________@

Scarecrow, “Nearly there, I think! At this rate, we should be there in an hour or two!”

Meryll, “Ugh, I sure hope so… we’ve been walking like this all day!”

Tinjack, “a r e y o u . . . o k a y ?”

Meryll, “Oh, yes… I just need to stop to rest my feet I think. I’m awfully tired.”
Tinjack, “m a y b e . . . t i m e f o r . . . a b r e a k . . .”

Scarecrow, “What?! Again?!”
Meryll, “Easy for you to say, you’re made of straw!”

Scarecrow, “We just need to keep going and… what the heck is that?”

Meryll, “It looks like… are those plushies?”

Meryll, “They are plushies! And my plushies, even!”
Tinjack, “p l u s h i e s ?”

Meryll, “Come on, let’s go check it out!”
Scarecrow, “Whaaaaaat?!”

Meryll, “They really are my plushies, what are they doing here?”

Meryll, “Man, I’m so tired… and this looks so comfy!!”

Scarecrow, “No, we need to keep moving! We’re almost there, then you can rest!”

Meryll, “But they’re my favorite plushies… I just want to…”
Scarecrow, “Maybe it’s a trap set by that stupid witch!”

Meryll, “So tired… Just a little while………” zzzzzzzz~

???, “Hey, do you mind??”
Meryll, “Eh?!”

Meryll, “What the heck are you doing here?!”
???, “A guy can’t take a nap in the middle of a forest?”

Meryll, “Well, I guess he can… why are you dressed like a lion…?”
Lion, “Uhh you see–“
Scarecrow, “COME ON!! We need to get going to the wizard’s place!!”

Lion, “You guys are going to the wizard?”

Meryll, “Yeah, do you want to come with us?”
Lion, “Yes please! I was on my way there, but it’s scary traveling alone!”

Scarecrow, “Whatever we’re doing, LET’S GO!! Get off your butts already!”

Meryll, “Whatever, you took a nap earlier! How come I don’t get to take one?”

Lion, “Do you think there are any… bears or anything out here?”
Meryll, “Are we there yet?”
Scarecrow, “No. Stop asking.”

San, “Ah!”
Lion, “The wizard’s summer home!”

Meryll, “Come on, I’ll help you up the steps…”
Tinjack, “t h a n k y o u . . .”

Scarecrow, “Hurry up over there!! We haven’t got all day!”
Lion, “We kind of do…”

Meryll, “Give me a break, will you?!”
Scarecrow, “Less talking, more walking!”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

plushies > poppies

a few of you have seen this already, but now the rest of you can as well! here is vult’s lion costume, since the coloring looks so funky in the sepia tones.

i was going to add some more to the front to close it, and maybe add some ears to the hood, but i tooooootally spaced it.

did you know that originally sarah wanted vult to be the scarecrow, and san to be the lion? silly girl!

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