The Wizard of AK, pt.3

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

previously, meryll had just teamed up with the scarecrow (or the scarecrow teamed up with her…)!

just a heads up, this side story is going to be kind of long n_n;; so if you’re waiting until the end to comment you have a while to wait lol ; ; this one is a bit long because i combined two smaller segments rather than dragging them out over two days.

please enjoy!

Meryll, “Are you sure we’re not lost?!”
Scarecrow, “Positively positive!”

Scarecrow, “I’m very familiar with these parts! We’ll be there in no time at all.”

Meryll, “That’s what you said two hours ago… and I still haven’t seen anymore signs of that yellow road we were supposed to follow…”

Scarecrow, “Psh, have some faith!”

Meryll, “Whoa, what’s that over there?”

Scarecrow, “Meh… just leave it.”

Meryll, “Hey, it’s a ‘jack! What the heck is it made out of, tin?”
Scarecrow, “It’s just a M.U.N.C.H.K.I.N., probably one of the early versions.”

Meryll, “How sad… it looks like it’s not working.”
Scarecrow, “They were put out of production a few years ago. That one probably got left here and just ran outta juice.”

Meryll, “I bet I could fix it! Too bad I don’t have my tools!”

Scarecrow, “Tools like these ones?”

Meryll, “Uh… yeah, actually… where did those come from?”

Meryll, “Ok, I just need to… yeah! And…”

Meryll, “There! It works!!”
[mechanical humming]

Tinjack, “t h . . . t h a n k y o u . . .”
Meryll, “Oh no problem! I’m happy to help!”

Meryll, “You must’ve been stuck like that for a long time, huh?

Tinjack, “y e s . . . a . . . l o n g t i m e . . . u n l o v e d . . .”

Meryll, “That’s so sad… I have to go, but would you like to come with me? The more the merrier!”

Tinjack, “y e s . . . t h a n k y o u . . .”

Meryll, “Ok, I’m ready! We can lea–“

Scarecrow, zzzzz~~

[some time later…]

Meryll, “Unnnngh this forest is too big…”

Scarecrow, “Hey look, the edge of the forest!”
Meryll, “YAY!”

Meryll, “Yikes! What’s wrong?!”

Tinjack, “S E N S E . . . E N E M Y . . .”

???, “That would be me!”
Meryll, “Who are you?!”

???, “I am the Wicked Witch of the West!”

Scarecrow, “Crap, we’re dead.”
Meryll, “Huh?! What does she want?”

Wicked Witch, “That’s right, straw-for-brains! And what I want isn’t important!”

Wicked Witch, “I’m feeling playful today, though… Which one of you would like to play first?”

Wicked Witch, “How about… THE SCARECROW!! BURN!!”

Scarecrow, “AAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Meryll, “What’s wrong with him?!”
Tinjack, “o n f i r e . . . i n h i s m i n d . . .”

Meryll, “Wow, uh… you take care of him, I’ll go get that crazy witch!”

Tinjack, “s h e . . . d i s a p p e a r e d . . .”

Meryll, “She what?!”

Meryll, “She really did leave… what the heck was the point of that, then?!”

Meryll, “And you! Snap out of it!” [kick!]
Scarecrow, “OW!! So cruel…….”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

damn witch. nobody wanted to play with her anyways!

i had a very difficult time deciding on who to have as the tinman… originally it was going to be rey… but then i was blonde and sold him :D;;; haha… i was going to say this was a humanized version of yuki, but decided against it. yuki’s personality is too overpowering to play the role i had in mind. so it’s just a steamjack in the middle of nowhere. and no, M.U.N.C.H.K.I.N. doesn’t actually stand for anything, because i’m tired and uncreative in that department. feel free to come up with your own versions of what it stands for… *shrug*

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