The Wizard of AK, pt.2

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

i hope you guys are enjoying this so far! n_n;

when we last left off, meryll was just heading on her way to see the wizard hehe

Meryll, “I hope I’m still going the right way. These rocks are getting bigger and there aren’t so many yellow ones anymore…”

Meryll, “Not that I would mind getting lost here, I guess… it’s better than going back home.”
???, “HEY! LADY!”

Meryll, “Huh?! Is somebody there?”

???, “YEAH! UP HERE!”

Meryll, “What the… why are you up there?”


Meryll, “I uhh… should I just shake this?” [shakes]

???, “AAAAAAH!” [crash!]

Meryll, “I’m sorry!!! Are you alright?!”
???, “Unngh… my stuffing…”

Meryll, “Stuffing? Oh, this stuff over here?”
???, “It fell out when I landed, help me get it back, will you?”

Meryll, “You’re a scarecrow? You’re very well made!”
Scarecrow, “Thanks, although I wasn’t perfectly made, I guess. They forgot to give me a brain.”

Scarecrow, “Thanks for the help!”
Meryll, “No problem! I’ll see you around I guess!”

Scarecrow, “Which way are you headed?”

Meryll, “I’m going to see the Wizard. He’s supposed to help me get back home.”

Scarecrow, “BAH!! You don’t want to see him.”
Meryll, “I don’t?! Is he really mean?!”

Scarecrow, “He’s just some crackpot. You should stick with me, instead!”

Meryll, “Oh, uhh… Well I probably shouldn’t…”

Scarecrow, “Ok then it’s decided, I’m going with you!”
Meryll, “Huh? Who decided that? And when was that an option?”

Scarecrow, “Just stick with me, kid, you won’t go wrong. I know this place like the back of my hand!”
Meryll, “But I thought you said you didn’t have a brain…?”

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