The Wizard of AK, pt.1

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

ok no more teasing!

hopefully this turned out good n_n;;;;


Meryll, “Nngh…”

Meryll, [yawn] “That was a pretty good nap.”

Meryll, “I wonder if they’re done gossiping yet…”

Meryll, “Sure hope so…”

Meryll, “It’s awfully quiet out here. Where is everybody?”

Meryll, “GUYS?? … hmm.”

Meryll, “Maybe they’re all outside? It’s pretty nice out.”

Meryll, “Ugh, bright…”

Meryll, “Huh?? Where did all of these trees come from?”

Meryll, “Uh… this isn’t right…”

Meryll, “And… WHAT?!”


???, “Hello.”
Meryll, “Eh?”

Meryll, “Who are you?”

???, “I am the Good Witch of the North.”

Good Witch, “Welcome to the Land of AK.”
Meryll, “Uhh……. right.”

Meryll, “Do you… know where my house went?”
Good Witch, “It was eaten.”

Good Witch, “The Wicked Witch of the West has a penchant for eating houses.”
Meryll, “Um… how is that possible?”

Good Witch, “And who is the expert here? You?”
Meryll, “Err, no I guess not.”

Good Witch, “If you want to go home you must go see the Wizard in–“
Meryll, “Oh, but, I… I don’t really want to go home.”

Good Witch, “…You what?”
Meryll, “Err… It’s kind of nice here. And there’s a lot of drama back home…”

Good Witch, “You… don’t want to go back home…?”
Meryll, “Well yeah…”

Good Witch, “Listen, I have two jobs: one is to welcome people, and the other is to send them to the Wizard. If you don’t–“

Meryll, “Ok, ok!! So how do I get to this wizard guy?”

Good Witch, “You must follow the Yellow Dirt Road. It will take you to him.”

Meryll, “Yellow dirt…. what road?”

Good Witch, “This road.”
Meryll, “…Oh.”

Meryll, “Ok well, thanks for– eh?”

Meryll, “Where’d she go?”

Meryll, “Ohhhhh well, she was kind of nutty anyways.”

Meryll, “Guess I’ll go see this wizard guy… the Wizard of AK.”


hopefully you guys will enjoy this n_n;;;

also posted to DoA!

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