Gossip and Conspiracies

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

finally! three days later @_@ lol

first, read sarah’s story here:
featuring the ever lovely and snarky seraph. <3then you can read this one.

i had a difficult time writing the dialogue for this, so i apologize if it’s a bit flat. i’ve rewritten a lot of it quite a few times >.< and i’m still not quite happy with it. i also had to condense it a little because my camera died like 1-2 pics from the end.

Ancient Being Horse, “I will always love you!”
Assassin Bunny, “But you are an ancient being and I am an assassin!”

Ancient Being Horse, “I care not, I love you still!”
Assassin Bunny, “I must tell you, I was pregnant with our child…”

Assassin Bunny, “…but I sacrificed it to the demons of the other realm, so that I may gain eternal life.”

Ancient Being Horse, “I can never forgive you!”
Assassin Bunny, “I don’t care. Your feelings are nothing to me but a play thing.”

Meryll, “That’s stupid. And um… kind of morbid.”

Brodwyn, “Are you sure you don’t want to play? I saved the kitty puppet for you.

Meryll, “No that’s ok. You have at it.”

Brodwyn, “I thought maybe we could put on a puppet show when Gabe visits.

Meryll, “WHAT!?”

Brodwyn, “It’s ok. We don’t have to.
Meryll, “Gabe is coming here?! When?? Why didn’t anybody tell me?”

Brodwyn, “IIIII don’t know. Maybe they thought you wouldn’t want to know, now that Gabe is with Gwen.

Meryll, “Gabe is– WHAT?! SERIOUSLY?!”

Brodwyn, “Yeah. I heard he loves her now and everything.

Meryll, “Why didn’t anybody tell me ANY of this??”

Brodwyn, “Well you’ve been hiding a lot… kind of like we’re hiding now…

Meryll, “Have you heard anything else? I need to know more!”

Brodwyn, “No. I don’t really care.

Meryll, “What if they’ve kissed?! Do you think they kissed?!”

Meryll, “This is terrible! I kind of thought, but… I had hoped…”

Meryll, “I can’t believe he’s on to another girl already!! And why didn’t anybody tell me?!”
Brodwyn, [sigh……..]

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