The Usual Suspects

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

not gonna lie, this is actually pretty true to life when we are scheming planning photostories!! except minus the voice of reason hahaha

Seraph, “So you called Gabe and he…”
Vult, “He said he’d think about it. But it sounded like he really missed her.”
Shael, “Hm.”

Seraph, “This calls for an intervention! Let’s make a plan!”

Vult, “A what?? You mean we should try to get them back together?”

Seraph, “You know what this needs? More scheming.”

Seraph, “Maybe if we–“
Vult, “What exactly in your life doesn’t involve more scheming?”

Seraph, “Stop falling in love with me, Vult, you’ll embarass yourself again.”
Vult, “What?! Why–“

Shael, “We could invite Gabe here without Meryll knowing, and tell him Meryll wants him to come.”
Vult, “Not you too?!”

Seraph, “Ah yes!! Should we invite Gwen too? That would be exciting. More drama!”

Vult, “MORE DRAMA?! What makes you think they need MORE DRAMA?!”

Seraph, “. . .”
Shael, “. . .”

Vult, “Whatever, just leave me out of it.”
Shael, “Should we get some weapons?”

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