The Other Side

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

my comp restarted itself right after i resized these @_@ yuck

hmm i took too few pics x____________x sorry if the dialogue is rushed or seems out of place. it was friggin hilarious in my head, but i was too tired and wasn’t keeping very good track of the pics i was taking.

Talia, “Hey there!”
San, “Ooh, hey Secksi!”

Talia, “How are you? I’ve been hearing some pretty bad things.”

San, “Ehh… hey, how often do you and Rey fight?”

Talia, “Uh… not often, why?”
San, “How about you and Seraph?”

Talia, “Haha often enough.”
San, “Hm… me and Meryll are going through a bit of a rough spot, I think.”

Talia, “Well you guys aren’t an actual couple, are you? Unless I just didn’t know?”
San, “Nah. Nothing like that. Yet, at least.”

Talia, “I see. I hear you tried to force her to–“
San, “What?! No!”

San, “Where did you hear that? I would never do that.”
Talia, “I’unno, like I said, I’ve been hearing some bad things.”

San, “Well it’s not true. And dude, I can totally see your panties.”
Talia, “Haha, no you can’t.”

Talia, “So if it’s not true, how would you say what happened?”
San, “Well, uh… I don’t know, honestly.”

San, “You know how it is. Sometimes shit just… I dunno, I can’t control what happens.”
Talia, “Maybe you should explain it to her, then.”

Talia, “Until then, keep your head low and your pants on.”
San, “Hahahaha, let’s go make out.”

San, “Hey what makes you think I can’t see your panties?”
Talia, “Maybe I’m not wearing any? See you around!”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

talia is a flirt. san is a flirt. they joke in flirting ways. and yeah, san refers to her as “Secksi”.

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