The Best Laid Plans

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

…if it weren’t for you meddling kids!

this will be the last photostory for a bit.

Seraph, “So you guys are a couple again now, right? No more emo BS?”

Meryll, “Hey!”
Gabe, “Yes, haha!”

Shael, “Good. Now stay that way, we’ve put a lot of effort into this.”

Meryll, “Huh? What do you mean?”

Shael, “Seraph had it all planned out, trying to get you two back together.”

Gabe, “How is that possible? Don’t be ridiculous!”

Seraph, “Oh yeah, it was all planned. Even Gwennie here helped.”

Gabe, “Gwen?! Is that true?”
Gwen, “I am embarassed to say… it is true, my lord…”

Seraph, “She was a major help, we couldn’t have done it without her!”
Gwen, “After I realized my lord still had feelings for Miss Meryll, I called Miss Seraph to see if I could help.”

Gwen, “She had me leave the necklace out a few times to make my lord think of Miss Meryll, and a few other things.”

Jael, “Wow! This one had no idea!!”

Meryll, “So then it was you who left the necklace in my room while I was napping?”

Gwen, “Oh… yes… that was one of the things I was told to do.”

Gwen, “Though it makes me sad… I am much happier when my lord is happy, and I understand that this is how it should be.”

Seraph, “Even Brodwyn helped! She got Meryll all crazy over whether or not you and Gwen were an item, it was hilarious!”

Meryll, “She… what?! Wynnie did that on purpose?!”
Gabe, “So that’s why you pulled Gwen off to the side when we got here?”

Shael, “We had to make sure she hadn’t chickened out. It was my job to intimidate her if she had.”

Gwen, “Is… is that true? What do you mean?”
Shael, “I guess we’ll never know!”

Jael, “This one would never let anything bad happen to Miss Gwen!! This one would–“

Jael, “Eep!”
Seraph, “Shut yer face, pipsqueak. You were too busy thinking about strawberries.”

Meryll, “I’m sorry, Gwen… I didn’t realize you felt that strongly for Gabe…”

Gwen, “It is ok… I’m happy knowing the two of you are happy!”
Jael, “WOW MISS GWEN!! This one is so impressed that you did all of that!”

Gwen, “Oh, thank you Jael!”
Jael, “Miss Gwen is so sneaky! Like a ninja!”

Gabe, “I have to admit, I’m not sure how I feel about all of this.”
Shael, “It all turned out right, that’s all that matters.”

Meryll, “Yeah, but what if your tinkering had made things worse?! What if we never would’ve gotten back together?!”
Gwen, “. . .”
Shael, “Meh.”

Seraph, “Look, we knew what we were doing! And it ended perfectly!”

Gabe, “Meryll…”

Gabe, “You are here with me again, that’s all that matters.”
Meryll, “Hmm…”

Meryll, “You’re right, that is all that matters.”

Seraph, “Gross! Don’t make me vomit!”
Gwen, “. . .”
Jael, “Hey!”
Shael, [yawn…]

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