No More Playing Around

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

this was secretly posted last night, since lily wouldn’t let me wait until today lol

the pics are a little pewpy, since i was shooting in the guest room and i haven’t really taken many pics there.

i think this story has the possibility of being extremely confusing, especially since i’m 90% sure that people don’t read into what my characters do as much as i do. i’ll explain a few things at the end, just incase :/

Vult, “Why are you having the man meeting in here?”
Rey, “Because Gabe and Meryll are out in the living room, and I don’t want to risk a repeat of the other day.”
San, [scowls]

San, “It’s not that big of a deal.”
Vult, “It is!! It’s a good thing I was there before you made Meryll upset!!”
Rey (off screen), “I would’ve kicked your ass too if I were there –GOD DAMNIT!”

San, “If this is a man meeting, then why is she here?”

Vult, “Chill out, San. She was bored.”

Brodwyn, “I win.


Vult, “Hey! Don’t throw it, I wanted to play winner.”
Rey, “You don’t want to play her, she’s impossible!”

Rey, “Like a friggin machine, I swear!”

Vult, “So? Shael’s really good at games too, that doesn’t mean anything.”
San, “Mind games, maybe…

Rey, “She’s holding the wiimote backwards!!”

. . .
[faint game music coming from TV]

San, “Anyways, back on topic. It’s not like I’m just looking for a fight!”

San, “HEY!!”

Vult, “Calm down, San!”

Rey, “Brodwyn, don’t do stuff like that, ok?”
Brodwyn, “No more playing.

San, “Screw this, I’m out of here.”
Vult, “Err… didn’t Mendo tell us to keep an eye on him?”
Rey, “San, wait!”
Brodwyn, “Who plays winner?

= = =

hopefully that made sense x_x

if it didn’t…
– brodwyn got angry and threw the wiimote at san’s head, because rey got angry and threw his on the floor. she feeds off of other peoples’ emotions to fuel her own (i mostly show her just being all zoned out, and i’m trying to make an effort to show some of her mood swings) so here she’s feeding off of san’s anger, rey’s competitiveness, and vult’s worry (but also composed nature, otherwise she probably would’ve started yelling or something).
– rey’s “god damnit!” is directed at the TV, because brodwyn is kicking his ass at mario kart. it’s meant to be a lead-in, and is why san abruptly changes the topic to why brodwyn is there.
– brodwyn’s line at the end is meant to be a mimic of vult’s line earlier in the story, while also setting a possible ominous tone — who will be the winner, san or gabe? her “no more playing” is also a mimic of rey’s actions, but could also be conceived as a threat to stop playing around.

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