Throwing in the Proverbial Towel

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

*raises arms in defense*

San, No more playing, eh? heh…

San, What’s the fun in that…?

San, Who will play winner…

Meryll, “Oh! …San…”
San, [cough]

San, “What are you doing here?”
Meryll, “I was just coming to pick out a movie.”

San, “Oh. I see.”

Meryll, “How are you doing? Are you alright?”

Rey, “Hey, everything ok here, San?”

Meryll, “Rey!”
Rey, “Mendo told us to keep an eye on you.
San, “…Everything’s fine.”

San, “I’m sorry, Meryll.
Meryll, “San…!”

Gabe, “What are you doing here.”
San, [sigh]

San, “Forget it.”
Gabe, “Huh?”

San, “I said forget it, you win, I give up, leave me alone.”
Gabe, “. . .”

Meryll, “Gabe…?”
Gabe, “Oh!”

Gabe, “You’re alright!”
Meryll, “Well of course I’m alright, silly!”

Meryll, “Now come help me pick out a movie!”
Gabe, “Of course. Something with a happy ending!”

= = =

this is not the end, so please don’t start throwing popcorn at me! lol n_n;

there will be a lot more drama down the road.

because damnit, that’s good television.

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