Are We There Yet

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

i was surprised by the reaction to yesterday’s photostory… i wasn’t expecting so much sympathy towards san o_o it makes me really curious how people are expecting or wanting this to turn out…

please give me your thoughts, predictions, etc. n_n

Gabe, “Meryll…?”

Gabe, “Is everything alright? You haven’t said anything for a while.”

Gabe, “Are you upset about the fight yesterday?”

Meryll, “How could you attack him like that?!”
Gabe, “But he–“

Meryll, “He is my friend!! And you attacked him!!”
Gabe, “But he was forcing himself upon you!”

Gabe, “I can’t tolerate that behavior, I don’t care who it is.”
Meryll, “Yeah, but… it was still scary…”

Meryll, “Plus, what if he had killed you?! San loves fighting!”
Gabe, “Oh please, it would take more than some werewolf to kill me.”

Gabe, “There’s nothing to worry about, ok?”
Meryll, [sigh]

Gabe, “…Meryll?”

Meryll, “I don’t want anybody to get hurt, I don’t care who, or why.”

Gabe, “Mer…”

Gabe, [sigh]

Gabe, “Meryll, please…”

Gabe, “Look at me.”

Gabe, “I love you, and would never dream of hurting you in any way.”

Meryll, “You love me? Really?”
Gabe, “Of course.”

Meryll, “Does that mean we can have sex now?!”
Gabe, “AUGH!”

Meryll, “Err… Gabe?” [pokepoke]

= = = the end! = = =

lol… so, last night it occured to me that meryll and gabe have been together for over a year, and we totally missed their anniversary. WOE. plus, it took them like 3 months to hold hands, and a year to kiss, and now a year and three months to say “i love you”… lol! slowest relationship evars. granted they don’t see eachother often hehehehe

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