Hide and Seek

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

i was going to wait until tomorrow to post this, but lily insisted i post it now >:/

i tried considerably harder on these pics to make up for the lousy ones i posted this morning šŸ˜”

Meryll, “I just can’t decide!!”

Meryll, “They both have their good qualities…”

Meryll, “But, I can only choose one, y’know?”

Meryll, “Do I choose Gabe for his niceness? Or…”
Brodwyn, “I give up.

Meryll, “What?? You can’t give up!”
Brodwyn, “But I can’t find it…

Meryll, “Well you can’t quit. Want me to go hide it somewhere easier?”
Brodwyn, “Ok.

Meryll, “Friggin lazybutt can’t even play a simple game of hide and seek…!”

Meryll, “So let’s see… maybe I should just stick with Gabe…”

Meryll, “Hm? What’s that music?”

Meryll, “Oh! It’s San…!”

Meryll, “Um… hey! Whatcha doing? Can I try?”
San, “…”

San, “That depends, is your boyfriend gonna come out of nowhere and kick my ass again?”

Meryll, “Don’t be mean… I want to try it.”

San, “Fine…”
Meryll, “…thank you…”

San, “You’re pretty good at this.”

San, “Try it more like this way…”
Meryll, “Ok…”

San, “You changed your hair again? I like it.”

Meryll, “Um… thank you…”

San, “It makes you look… irresistible…”

[[ somewhere nearby…! ]]

Seraph, “Where is that girl?? I need to find her to tell her Gabe is here…”

Seraph, “Huh?! What the hell?!”

Brodwyn, “Oh, you found it!!
Seraph, [twitchtwitch]

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