A Midnight Snack

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

my little fee shipped!! hooray!! (finally!!)

cori leaves for work today ;____________;

and jamie and sarah leave tomorrow ;____________________;

and then i get the new puppy this weekend @_@

anyways, this story takes place last night. which means there will probably be another later today, so i apologize if you don’t like the sudden spam (i actually had a few people defriend me last time i went on a spamming spree o_O so… sorry if you don’t like the stories).

Meryll, “Yaaaaaawn… I’m kind of hungry…”

Meryll, “Time for a little snack~!!”

Meryll, “When will she… put in a mini fridge… oof!”

Meryll, “Ahh, yum!”

Gabe, “Yaaawn…” [scritchscritch]

Gabe, “Meryll? …Hey!”

Meryll, “Wh– Huh?! Gabe???”

Gabe, “Come down!”

Meryll, “Uh… ok…”

Gabe, “I missed you!!”
Meryll, “What are you doing here?”

Gabe, “Err… you’re not happy to see me?”
Meryll, “Well I… I am, but, why aren’t you at home?”

Gabe, “I was, but Jael wasn’t there when I got home, because I guess he came here to find me.”

Meryll, “Oh… I see…”

Gabe, “You changed your hair again?? I think I kind of miss the pink.”
Meryll, “You do?”

Gabe, “Of course, I love any way your hair looks…”
Meryll, “…”

Gabe, “What’s wrong? Was it because of last time, when I didn’t want to–“
Meryll, “What?! No!”

Gabe, “Then what is it?”
Meryll, “I, err– I don’t know…”

Gabe, “Was it San again? Just tell me and I’ll…”

Meryll, “Huh?? No, you…!”
Gabe, “…I think you need to tell me what’s going on.”

Meryll, “Let’s just… forget about it and enjoy your visit. It’s nothing.”

Gabe, “…I guess…”


lol 😛

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