The Hunter Stalks Its… Master?

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

sarah and jamie are visiting ❤

and as a result, you get photostories. you get sarah to thank because she’s a slavedriver @_@

first, a photostory that requires a bit of background. kind of my fault… i’ve had jael (pronounced like “jile” btw) here for face-up purposes, and was supposed to do a photostory or two with him coming here to find gabe, only to discover that gabe had already headed back home.

make sure to read this:
and then this:

and then this…! 😛
(sorry the lighting is really crappy and inconsistent… i was tired and had crappy lighting)

[scuffling in the background]

Jael, “Bwah!”

Jael, [huff, huff…]

Jael, “This one did not find Master there either!!”

Jael, [wails] “Ohhhhhhh this one is such a failure! After so many months of searching…!”

Seraph, “Well… it would help if you would tell me your master’s name.”

Jael, “So pathetic! So useless!! Master, forgive me!!”

Jael, “Never again will this one see –“
Seraph, “Gabe?”

Jael, “GASP!! MASTER?!”

Gabe, “There you are! Where have you been?!”

Jael, “MASTER!!!!! YOU’RE SAFE!!!!”
Gabe, “I’m glad that you’re safe, too. I was worried when you weren’t at home!”

Gabe, “I told you to stay there! What are you doing here??”

Seraph, “He’s been bugging me for months, apparently looking for you.”
Gabe, “I’m sorry for the trouble, Seraph…”

Gabe, “I ordered him to stay home… I didn’t expect him to come after me.”
Seraph, “It’s no trouble, don’t worry about it.”

Jael, “But Master! This one wrote a note saying where he went!”

Gabe, “A note?”

Jael, “Of course! This one is most responsible, I will read it to you!”

Jael, “Master, went to find you and save you from the master stealer. BRB – Jael.”

Gabe, “…It probably would’ve been a good idea to leave that for me at home.”
Seraph, “Not to mention, maybe making it a little bigger…”


[Jael wailing in the background]
Gabe, “Sorry again…”
Seraph, “No worries. While you’re here, you may as well stay for a while. I’m sure Meryll would be glad to have you visit again.”

Jael, “No!!!! You mustn’t stay here, Master! We must go home!”

Gabe, “Jael!?”

Gabe, “Augh!”
Jael, “Master, we have to go home!”

Jael, “Master?!”
Gabe, “It’s my decision to make, and I will stay here whether you want to or not…”

Jael, “But… what do you mean, Master?”

[[ some time later… ]]

Jael, “Master…?”

Jael, “…Master…?!”

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