A Challenger Appears!

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

ugh, i feel like pewp. i think i’m getting a migraine :/

i had a hard time doing this photostory… aside from the growing headache and feeling sick. i’ve never done an action-oriented photostory before, nor have i ever scripted some sort of fight (other than the silly one between malice and yuki)… also i picked a crappy spot to take pictures and i didn’t want to have to edit them any more than i already had to because of the fight scenes.

so hopefully it’s alright ._.;

rather long, as well T_T;;

San, Ok don’t lose your nerve now… the laydees love you!

San, “Hey Meryll.”
Meryll, “Ooh! Hi!”

San, “I have um… something to tell you.”
Meryll, “What’s up?”

San, “I err… well, me and Rey have kind of a bet going…”
Meryll, “Huh?”

Meryll, “You guys are gambling again? What’s going on?”

San, “I lll….. um… I uhh… I like…. your hat.”
Meryll, “Really~? Me too!! Lily gave it to me at the meet-up!”

Meryll, “I like your new jacket, too! It’s very cool!”
San, “Ohhhhh…”

Meryll, “Uh, San? What are you–“

Vult, “It’s cool that you’re staying with us for a couple weeks, Gabe! Uh, is everything alright?”
Gabe, “. . .”

Vult, “Oh…”

Vult, “…shit!”
Gabe, “YOU!!!!!”

San, “Huh?!”
Meryll, “Gabe!”

San, “Where did you–?!”

Gabe, “GRAH!”


Gabe, “How dare you!!”
San, “Get off!”

Meryll, “Oh no!!”

San, “Ok, that’s it…”

San, “You want a fight, pretty boy…?”


Gabe, “Augh!!”

San, “I’m going to rip you limb from limb!”
Vult, “San!! Stop it!!”

San, “LET GO OF ME!”


Vult, “…are you done?”
San, [choking sounds]

Meryll, “Gabe! Are you alright?!”
Gabe, “Ow… yes, I’m fine…”

Gabe, “Where is he? I’m not done yet…”
Meryll, “It’s ok, Vult has him.”

Vult, “San, are you listening to me? Are we done here?”

San, “Ugh… yes… I’m done.”

Vult, “Get up, you idiot.”

Vult, “You pull that shit again, and I’ll do more than just throw you.”
San, “Ugh…”

= = = the end = = =

demigod vs. warpwolf vs. dragon

o_o; wtf

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