Enter the Bunny

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

one more for today. and there are more for tomorrow… sorry this one is so short, but it’s kind of a lead-in to the next story, and i don’t want to post that one yet.

Seraph, “Heeeeey Gabe!”
Gabe, “Hey you two… San, I’ve been looking for you.”
San, “…What is it?”

Gabe, “I’m just sick of stressing Meryll out, so I was hoping to kind of… bury the hatchet, I guess.”

San, “Oh, uh… that’s cool.”
Gabe, “What’s with the bunny, by the way?”
Seraph, “Heh I’ve been teasing him about it.”

San, “It’s… just a present for my little sister. Bunnies are her favorite.”

Gabe, “Ahh I’m sure she’ll like it!”

Gabe, “Well I have to go find Jael… talk to you guys later!”
Seraph, “Bye!”
San, “Later.”

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