We May Need Some Bodyguards

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

for the record, 18 pictures takes WAY too long to upload x_x IMPATIENT MUCH? yus.

i never did take pictures of the pants i got from marsh, so i decided to use mendo for this photostory even though she doesn’t have a face yet n///n i need to get her a hoodie. i don’t really trust myself to make one ._.

sorry the pics get a bit blurry… i got distracted reading the magazine lol so i lost a bit of light n_n;

Mendo, “Hm? What’s that?”

Mendo, “A package? I wonder what’s inside…?”

Mendo, “Ahh a magazine… that’s odd… hm gives me something to do at least.”

Mendo, *plops down on the armchair* “Hm, let’s see…”

Mendo, “A doll for christmas? Sounds promising.”

Mendo, “HEEEEEEEEEEEEEY! I know that kitty!”

Mendo, “I should go show him!”

Mendo, “Linus, you in here??”

Yuki, “Out of the way, people! Mr. Buttons coming through!”

Mendo, “Hey guys, what’s going on……….”

Yuki, “Ack! SECURITY!”

Mendo, “…what… is on your face?”

Yuki, “How did you get in here? We don’t need any paparazzi!”

Yuki, “Hm? I agree…”

Yuki, “Mr. Buttons says no autographs! Take a hike, kid!”

Mendo, “Ugh… Whatever…”

Yuki, “What would you do without me, huh? …What? No, you do not get a gold collar! Friggin diva…”

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